Siding with Chaos

Shihab says:

In my dreams I see how the desert grew, how a land of plenty was run dry by contracts and bloodless leeches of lawyers and merchants. Let madness rule, I say, for surely random chance is better than this stifling chokehold established by our axiomatic foes in ancient times.

When I wake, I hide my face in my woman’s hair and hold her tight. We had arrived in Kakishon, when we had gotten the horns of the golden ram, and sailed off the edge of the world into the fog of chaos surrounding it, we met the Proteins, Larafset and Chinoy, Makers from the eternal maelstrom, imprisoned here by the nefarious Nax.

We decided to rescue the remaining mortals on this demiplane of Nax’ – we started on the Isle of the Dead. This is where I realized how little time we had left in this fleeting life. Soon, we will all die. Pointless, futile, a big sadness washed over me as I pierced this veil that separates our life from the lives of genies and devils.

When we left, we had a cat with us and I had burrowed my sorrows in the darkest recesses of my heart such as not to trouble my love, but I knew that nothing was ever going to fool me again. I may not be the sharpest man around, but I will not tolerate the nitpickers and lawyers anymore, those that would have us be slaves and themselves be tyrants.

Thus, when the cursed shaitan Deeliks said that she was both sworn and betrayed by Jawuhl, when she said she would fight Obberach on the Isle of Kanderrahr, when she wanted to enlist our help or send us away, a holy anger shook me and I knew she had to die. I sent her to her death with barely a handful of arrows.

All that remains now is for me to slay Obberach or to convince him to leave of his own accord. That should not be too much of a problem. And then, at last, we will return this paradise to the chaos it was made off, free the Proteins and end this reign of evil wizards and shaitan lawyers.