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The walled city of Solku stands as a bastion of safety against the perils of Katapesh. As the second-largest city in the land, Solku attracts travelers and traders on their way to the capitol. A great many stay longer than they had anticipated; some find the city’s size and safety more attractive than chaotic Katapesh, while others cannot leave due to sandstorms or gnoll raids.

Over 10,000 people call Solku home, but the number of residents swells and ebbs with the season. During the cooling weather of fall, when overland travel seems more appealing than in the listering heat of summer, Solku’s population swells by as many as 2,000. The traders coming east across the Mwangi Expanse reach Solku exhausted and grateful for a waypost on the way to Katapesh; some sell their wares in Solku and return home, but most push on to the better prices available in Katapesh. The population ebbs again in spring as the days begin to heat up.