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asima imgAsima was the third child of a big nomad family used to travel through rough hills as well as through the endless sands. The nomad life style has its dangers though… Asima killed her first gnoll at the tender age of 8, merely strong enough to pick up and bend her fallen brother’s short bow and revenge his death furiously, panicked, shocked… May the Great Ghost shelter his soul in the beaming halls of eternity! However, she was never the same after that experience and the hatred for gnoll festered in her heart. She swore herself an oath to protect anybody dear to her against these stinky, rotten scavengers of the desert lands and developed remarkable skill with the bow. Often her worried mother had to call her away from practising her fingers bloody in the twilight and in for supper. Asima obeyed reluctantly in this but she completely refused to sleep in the tents - she wanted to be ready, have an eye and a ear on her surroundings, always and at any time! In addition, the star-sparkly night was the only luxury that she allowed herself - nobody could take this from her. Whether dutifully or unconscious, this is how she came to fulfil her name’s destiny because “Asima” in fact meant “The Protector”.\\ \\ After she joined a vigorous group in the service of Alma, Asima could make good use of her ambitious training, her keen senses and her competencies knowing the region, desert and hills. But one day, in a fierce fight Asima was almost killed by a two-headed giant Creature. She felt so desperate and helpless, pre-seeing the butchering of her fellows before she fell, that her heart was poisoned with rancour against any creature taller then 10 feet from that hour on. (tbc…)\\ \\ Actual Level: 10 (last update June 15, 2011)\\ Title: Asima - Knight protecting Kalmarin\\ \\ \\ AC fighting in melee 24\\ +5 DEX\\ +5 Chain shirt\\ +1 Dogde\\ +2 Ring of Armor (like heavy shield)\\ +1 Ring of Protection\\ \\ AC fighting with bow 22\\ +5 DEX\\ +5 Chain shirt\\ +1 Dogde\\ +1 Ring of Protection\\ \\ \\ S T A T S\\ +2 STR: 14\\ +5 DEX: 19 +2 gloves of dexterity\\ +2 CON: 12 +2 amulet of constitution\\ +2 WIS: 14\\ +0 INT: 10\\ -2 CHA: 07\\ \\ \\ S A V E S\\ +11 Fortitude: 7 +2 STR +2 cloak of resistance\\ +14 Reflex: 7 +5 DEX +2 cloak of resistance\\ +7 Will: 3 +2 WIS +2 cloak of resistance\\ \\ \\ I N I T I A T I V E\\ +5 DEX\\ +2 game revard\\ ++ favoured enemies\\ ++ favoured terrains\\ \\ \\ S K I L L S\\ +15 Perception (listen & spot) \\ +18 Stealth (move silently & hide)\\ +20 Ride\\ +15 Survival\\ +13 Knowledge Geography\\ +13 Knowledge Dungeoneering\\ +20 Track\\ \\ +2 on checks against gnolls (gnoll killer)\\ +2 on checks in desert area (favoured terrain)\\ \\ \\ F E A T S\\ \\ lvl 1\\ Plot trait: Gnoll Killer\\ Ranger: Favoured Enemy Gnoll\\ Regional trait: Uwag Highlander\\ Human: Dogde\\ Ranger: Track\\ lvl: Point Blank Shot\\ \\ lvl 2\\ Ranger: Combat Style - Precise Shot\\ \\ lvl 3\\ Ranger: Endurance\\ Ranger: Favoured Terrain Desert\\ lvl: Weapon Focus Longbow\\ \\ lvl 4\\ Ranger: Hunter’s Bond\\ \\ lvl 5\\ Ranger: Favoured Enemy Giant\\ \\ lvl 6\\ Ranger: Combat Style Feat - Manyshot\\ lvl: Quick Draw\\ \\ lvl 7\\ Ranger: Woodland Stride\\ \\ lvl 8\\ Ranger: Swift Tracker\\ Ranger: Favoured Terrain = Underground\\ \\ lvl 9\\ Ranger: Evasion\\ lvl: Improved Critical\\ \\ lvl 10\\ Ranger: Combat Style Feat - Shot on the Run\\ Ranger: Favoured Enemy = Undead\\ \\ \\ E Q U I P M E N T\\ Bag pack and bedroll\\ Everburning lantern\\ \\ (Studded Leather armor)\\ +1 Chain Shirt (ACP -1)\\ Oathbow: +2 mag. +2 mighty Composite Longbow\\ +1 mag. Mace\\ +2 mag. keen Longsword\\ +1 mag. Dagger\\ \\ +2 Gloves of Dexterity\\ +2 Amulet of Constitution\\ +2 Cloak of Resistance\\ +1 Ring of Protection\\ Ring of Armor (+2 on AC like a heavy shield)\\ Combat trained light horse (HP 15) with a military saddle\\ \\ 3 Alchemist Fires\\ 1 Potion(s) of cure light wounds (1d8+1)\\ 3 Potion(s) of cure moderate wounds (2d8+3)\\ 1 Potion(s) of cure serious wounds (3d8+5)\\ 1 Potion(s) of cats grace\\ Wand of cure moderate wounds (2d8+3) with 46 charges\\ Scroll and Egg of Kakishon\\ Horn of calling bark\\ \\ \\ Collective nouns created in this campain\\

  • Pillage of Gnolls\\

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