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Lost & Found when we entered the gigantic pyramid.

  • sold a blessed book and a +1 shortsword for 7150gp. [Jackal puppy]
  • Spent 210gp at an auction on a jade statue of a reclining woman with remodelled face (looking like someone in our adversary party) [katapesh auction]
  • Spent 980gp on a ‘cursed’ mummy-in-a-bag [katapesh auction]
  • Spent 930gp on sundry things such as curse-removing and healing services, and lending
  • Found an unidentified (+1 enchanted with +1 STR pull) composite longbow.
  • Found two potions of cure light wounds [lord of numbers]
  • Found 9 unidentified scrolls [lord of numbers]
  • Found 3 unidentified wands [lord of numbers]
  • Found an unidentified double-barrelled wand receptacle [lord of numbers]
  • Found a magical hat [lord of numbers]
  • Found a masterwork chain shirt [lord of numbers]
  • Found a broken black marble scorpion statue [lord of numbers]
  • Found an unidentified black candle [lord of numbers]
  • Found a jetstone carving of a barbed devil [lord of numbers]
  • Found four feather tokens [lord of numbers]
  • Found 100pp
  • +1 leather armour with permanent Endure Elements on it [dashke]

Lost & Found when we found the body and journal of Telodar Ok.

  • Found an unidentified magic stone. [Jackal puppy]
  • Found an 100gp and 5pp [Jackal puppy]
  • Found a Blessed Book. [Jackal puppy]
  • Found an unidentified 12"x6"x6” Magic Box (folding boat). [Jackal puppy]
  • Found an unidentified magic rod. [Jackal puppy]
  • Found a minor crown of blasting. [Jackal puppy]
  • Found an unidentified set of magic armour. [Jackal puppy]
  • Found an unidentified magic rapier. [Jackal puppy]
  • Found an unidentified magic short sword. [Jackal puppy]
  • Sold the +1 halberd of the goat man and the +1 longsword of the peryton [ruins of Kelmerane, b2] to buy stuff.
  • Bought a pair of gloves of dexterity +2.
  • Bought a rose ioun stone (+1 insight bonus to AC).
  • Enchanted Shihab’s grandfather’s longbow to +1.
  • Bought a dirge playing, genie-spirit warding mandolin, or something.

Lost & Found when we liberated Kelmeraine.

  • Found “Kardsworn’s Edge”, a +1 outsider bane, lawful bane greataxe
  • Found a set of +1 breastplate [Kardsworn]
  • Found a +1 dagger [dashke]
  • Found a set of +1 leather armour with permanent Endure Elements on it [dashke]
  • Found a Ring of the Ram (35 charges remaining) [gnoll leader]
  • Found a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • Found a potion of Expeditious Retreat

Lost & Found when we killed Kardsworn

  • Found a +1 halberd of the goat man [ruins of Kelmerane, b8]
  • Found a +1 longsword of the peryton [ruins of Kelmerane, b2]
  • Found a ring of jumping [ruins of Kelmerane, b2]

Lost & Found when we explored the temple of Nethis

  • Found an unidentified punching dagger “En Rabby” [Hidar]
  • Found 420gp [Hidar]
  • Found a golden full face mask which allows detect magic at will. [Hidar]
  • Found 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds. [Hidar]
  • Found a +1 chain shirt [Hidar]

Lost & Found when we cleared out the monastery and killed King Moknok

  • Found 55gp in Alois’s burnt out caravan.
  • Spent 50gp on two potions of cure light wounds for Shihab and Talib Ka’im.
  • Converted a vast array of perfectly useful weapons into shattered pieces of worthless crap.
  • Found a phylactery of faithfulness [king moknok]
  • Found a ring of feather fall [king moknok]
  • Found a tiny +1 war hammer [king moknok]
  • Found a tiny set of breastplate, and a longbow [king moknok]
  • Found 43gp in the chapter house
  • Found an unidentified magical chime [chapter house]
  • Found a silver bowl worth 75gp [chapter house]
  • Found alchemical scrolls (containing recipes for restoration salves) worth 300gp [monastery lab]
  • Found a +1 light mace [monastery crypts]
  • Found a +1 dagger [monastery crypts]
  • Found 3 giant vulture eggs, worth 50gp each to good owners on the market
  • Found an unidentified magic broach with a silver chain [monastery crytps]
  • Found a set of masterwork leather armour. [monastery crypts]
  • Found an unidentified greatsword [monastery]

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