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We’re playing the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path by Paizo.

Characters aka *Shihab’s Company of Destruction:

  • Shihab “The Flame” – a mounted rider, dumb as a brick “I ride. I shoot. Ok?” (Alex)
  • Talib Ka'im “The Seeker”: A silent warrior (Stefan)
  • Najla “Of Wide Eyes”: A tree-hugging druid. “Look! A butterfly!” (Marco)
  • Asima “The Protector”: a female archer-ranger (Moni)
  • Adelle Duran: a Pathfinder (Joshy)
  • Tic: a gnomish wizard (Joe)
  • Khashayar Salehi: a human sorcerer (Lukas)


  • Garavel the slaver
  • Almah the slaver
  • Zastron the red-cap
  • Reema “White Antelope”: a slave dancer that killed her former master (Adrian)
  • Salah al Din “Righteousness of the Faith”: a priest of the streets (Joshy)



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