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Shihab says:

I am changed. I know it. I have seen Limbo. I have seen the Maelstrom. It was but a short flash, but I heard the endless scream. When I heard the voice of my love, I was glad. I was saved!

It turns out that Zeidan (Najla) and Asíma had also died. Oberach had fooled us, trapped us, and like children we fell for it—and payed the price. I managed to kill Oberach, but even then his spiked stone golems kept on coming and I knew no longer how to defend myself. It was a dire moment.

To make a long story short, we fought the ancient dragon turtle in order to retrieve the azer weapon smith’s amulet. It is what he asked for the diamonds Adele needed to raise our dead friends.

I spent two wonderful months traveling Kakishon. A trued paradise! But in the end, I realized how small it was. The deed was done, the proteins released, the magic items bought—time to go! The azer sent us to the City of Brass

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