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Shihab says:

We travelled to Driftwood. Nice little fishing village with some savvy folks living there, collecting driftwood, if you catch my drift. Had to find some fire ants in the desert before we got there, though. Nasty big ants. They dragged off Najla’s goats. I didn’t want to follow them into their nest, not me. What, kill off an entire colony? I asked the kid if she minded not killing all the ants and she said it was ok. Good.

In Driftwood we got to replenish our stocks. Arrows, rations, Pesh, no problem. We also met a Pathfinder society member called Adel. I liked her. Still do. She’s from a very far away place. Even farther than Ossirion. Very intellectual. I guess she was happy to meet a real man for a change. It was all good. I didn’t say much when she told me about heeroglüphs and scrolls, she didn’t say much when I made love to her. It was all good.

I don’t quite understand how Talib and Asima got into a fight with a mummy in the common room of the Wayfarer’s Inn in Katapesh. I had just fallen asleep after a sweet hour with Adel when I heard all these wusses screaming and shouting down below. I grabbed the greataxe and went downstairs to look, saw the mummy and slew it while all the others where goofing around and struck by panic.

Later that day I had to take Najla and Taleeb to the temple of Adaba. They had contracted some sort of mummy rot. I guess my parents would have taken their stuff, given them a cheap bell, and kicked them out of the tribe for leprosy. But not these two! They are part of my own tribe, now. And I am wise, and generous. I brought them to the temple. That’s just how I am!

We also went to an auction and I helped Adel buy some stuff. It was all about this new job she had, no problem. I also bought a statuette of a nice half-naked lady. Funny, she looked like a lady in the audience. We got to see her again in the end. Turns out she’s on the team of Adel’s rival. How unfortunate. Every time I look at her I have to think of the half-naked statuette. It’s a very nice feeling, oh yeah! Anyway, during the night the bastards stole Adel’s papyrus she had won at the auction but she had already memorized where to go, so we went there. She also got a horse. It was nice seeing her ride a horse.

There was this nice shiny pyramid in the middle of the jungle, and an entrance that ended up being a trap. Now we’re inside the trap, with Adel’s rival and his crew. Or half his crew, because they released some number crunching spirit. I hate those. They called for a truce after dropping a sarcophagus on us. I love the two immovable rods I got. Too bad one of them is now stuck outside the pyramid with all of our ropes attached to it.

I argued that we should accept the truce offered for as long as we were all trapped inside the pyramid. Adel says they’re all backstabbing traitors, but aren’t we all? I think that’s ok. We just need to watch our backs. I also like to watch Adel’s back. I think she likes it, and I do have a way with the ladies. We really need to get out of this stupid pyramid trap.

I also don’t trust this huge treasure room at the bottom of the pyramid. That looks like a death trap inside a death trap. It’s like a super death trap. To make you deader than dead. That’s kind of cool, actually. But then again, I want to live. So there.

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