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Shihab says:

We arrived at another underground lake with a rickety bridge. A big eye rose from the water, and I quickly crossed the bridge to gain and advantageous position. Talib “Fungus Arm” foolishly tried to follow me with the footsteps of a camel and promptly managed to break some planks. He practically fell into the water, the fool!

What happened next I have a hard time explaining. More eyes popped out of the single eye and I was caught in its gaze. I was pulled into a land of dancing colors. Red mushrooms were blooming under a yellow sky, the pink sun danced and its rays curved through the air like birds, whisteling and gay. The animals were the many colors of the sea, bright and dark, they burnt my soul with longing. Faintly I heard my companions talking. There was the sound of gold being counted and of loot being distributed and suddenly I knew that I did not belong into this clown world. It took me a long time to find my way back. Apparently my companions had fought and bested minions of Father Jackal.

I was too confused to be angry. But when I saw all the loot they had gained, I decided to dive into the depths of this cursed lake and look for some poor drowned bastard. And lo! I did find a skeleton with a scroll case I handed over to Tic and a ring I put on myself. Later that day Tic pointed out a little shield engraving on the inside and told me that it would protect me. I am content.

Reema was back! With her help we found Najla in a cell. She also warned us of the Sunset Captain, and surely enough this strange fellow showed up and wanted us to feed a potion to the “rough seed” of Rovagog in order to humiliate his ally, Father Jackal. I did not understand, nor did I want to. We had rescued our friend, and that is what we had come here to do. I orderd my company back out of this hole.

As it turns out, my decision was the right one. Father Jackal left with the Sunset Captain on his cursed ship and the people of Katapesh started looting the former headquarters of Father Jackal and his gangsters. Victory for Shihab’s Company of Destruction!

The sage Reyhan was concerned about the pact masters at first. But I told him that I would not have any part in their scheming and hidden messages. And the results proved me right.

Reema had also told us again about her Werewolf affliction. She needed that Amulet of the Heavens Father Jackal was said to own. When I tried to find an alternative solution I consultet a trusted contact of the Katapesh underground named Korah. I met him in Kumol Hask Hasak’s Pesh den. He impressed me with the depths of his mystic knowledge and his peshennarian wisdom. He sold me a sacred book full of fantastic and colorful pictures called Songs of Shasaythread and a punching dagger called En’Nubbi. This punching dagger is the so-called blade of the lepper – it will turn most of his victims into werewolves. Clearly a powerful artifact that I got for a bargain price. When I had no more gold to spend, I was pointed to the terrible tower of The Seer who proceeded to tell my about the fabulous city of Nissuan on the island of Jalmeray.

Talib thinks:

It seems that madness tightens its unyielding grip around Shihab’s mind a little more every day. And the Pesh he has started to smoke pushes him down that road even faster. How can anybody let himself go like this? That brick-head is dim-witted at best, and if I don’t keep an eye on him, he’ll get us all killed sooner rather than later. I don’t like making decisions for others but if he continues to loose his grip on reality, I have to do something.

… and he says:

It was a wise decision not to make ourselves pawns in the Sunset Captain’s snotty game by challenging Father Jackal that day. We returned to the surface and the strange creature left this world taking Father Jackal with him. Alas, they also took the Amulet of the Heavens to wherever they went. This meant, we had to find another remedy for Reema’s plight.

Since Reyhan told us that he would need another couple of days to study the scroll of Kakishon, we decided to travel to the island of Jalmeray. Perhaps there we could find some cure for Reema’s Lycanthropy.

Soon after we landed on the island, we were contacted by Lord Radeem asking us for help in his fight against what he called ‘The Cult of the Ebon Destroyers’. He said that they had infiltrated the whole society and, us being strangers to these lands, we were the only ones he could trust. It turned out that we could actually strike a deal. We would destroy the cult and in return, he would provide us with a cure for Reema.

Having only a couple of vague hints where to start, we decided to lure the cult into trying to hire one of us. It seemed like a good enough plan but we failed miserably. The cult seemed to watch our every step and they were very explicit in telling us not to step on their toes. At about the same time, Asima must somehow have gotten under the spell of an evil creature in the disguise of a silk merchant that seems to be involved in the cults activities.

They didn’t manage to intimidate us with their half-hearted attacks and so we followed a trail the cult had not been thorough enough to erase. It soon led us to said silk merchant. Realizing we were on his heels, he tried to throw us off-guard by ordering Asima to attack Tic. And attack Tic she did! But we recovered from that cowardly move quickly as Tic paralized her with a spell of his own. Being alone now, that vile creature couldn’t stand a chance and we quickly killed him.

But that did not break the evil magic that had taken hold of Asima. After shaking off Tic’s spell, she ferociously defended the carcass of the cultist. Shihab and me had a hard time bringing her down because we tried not to hurt her. Well, at first that is. I may have hit her with the edge of my sword once or twice after a while, though. Boy, that woman is a fierce fighter. In the end we managed to overwhelm and tie her up. Hopefully, that evil spell wears off soon.

I am beginning to have serious doubts about whether the Scroll of Kakishon is still safe with her.

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