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Editing The City of Brass


The city of Brass is like a huge bee hive of merchants, travellers and adventurers. It is embedded in a bowl of, well, brass, swimming in a sea of lava. Actually, the bowl consists of Living Brass. A material that can exclusively be found here, on the plane of fire.

We were pretty lost when we arrived but soon met a guy called Khashayar Salehi. He is also a traveller and an outsider to the realm of fire but it turned out that he knows his way around.

It was a lucky coincidence that we ended up in this place after leaving Kakishon. I remember being told by a strange fellow back in Katapesh that Haleen was taken here against her will by a creature called ‘The Adept’. It turned out that ‘The Adept’ was also known as Ezzer Hazzaram and he was living in a place that formerly belonged to Javhul. Before that creature fell from grace with the Grand Vizier Abdul Gawi. Not sure if I got any of the names right. They all sounded pretty strange to my ears.

The Adept was the head of what they called The House of Beasts and was known to take prisoners from the mortal realm and let them fight for him in the pits. Could he also have taken Haleen? We had to investigate!

So we went to the pits and decided to bargain for Haleen’s freedom. To my great surprise he agreed. However, not so much to my surprise, he tricked us afterwards. Managed to catch us off-guard when we left and teleported all of us into some strange dungeon. Fighting vile creatures and surviving many a wicked trap, we are still caught in there. We are weakened, but I bet he does not expect us to be alive. This should give us an advantage. Still, we have to be very careful down here.

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