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Editing The Tower of Brass


Shihab says:

I finished the job I had accepted: To break the defenses of Kelmarene. We had already defeated phase spiders, now it was time to go for the main gate. We defeated hundreds of gnolls and I broke the unholy mask of Rovagog. Time to rest!

The next morning I led the charge into the brass tower that had exploded from the old Battle Market. Nefeshti distracted our enemies and the wizards and sorcerers brought us inside. There, we fought clockwork golems and traps, but finally Tic had floating eyes explore the dungeon and [[Kasha?]] gated us into Jhavhuhl’s treasury. It wasn’t what I expected, but when Jawuhl arrived to protect his treasure, it was easy for me to slay it. The fourth arrow caught him in his neck and finally Talib beheaded the demon.

We emerged, dazed. All of it – over at last?

Time passed. Nefesti offered to reconstitute the order of the Templars of the Five Winds, but I had my doubts. Fight for Kelmarene? For Katapesh? For Golarion? I don’t know.

We talked about it for many a night. Finally I decided that what I really wanted was to explore the Inner Planes. I asked Adele to join me. All we’ll need was an amulet of plane shift and some friends. We’d visit Shazathared. We’d visit Kakishon. We’d visit Limbo and see the mad dance of the Proteins. We’d buy ten thousand things in the City of Brass and sell them in the great Underwater Cities of the Marids. We’d see the gem caves of Earth. The eternal cloud forests of Air, the floating islands, all the things Shazathared had mentioned in her book.

(I wonder if Adele will decide to stay with Shihab?)

What is everybody else going to do?

Adele says:

Wow, everything went well quite quickly. I had expected that Jhavhuhl would at least kill one of my friends or my love Shihab, so i had prepared to bring them back. When Shihab died a few days ago and i wasn’t able to bring him back was desperate experience for me. At that moment i realized that i always have to keep an eye on him. Fightign Jhavhuhl was easier than expected. We arrived right on time before Jhavhuhl could turn into the Xotani the Firebleeder. From the tellings of Nefeshti we wouldn’t have survived a battle with Xotani.

The offering of Nefeshti to rebuild the Temple of the five winds was tempting, but I don’t want to stay in the same place for a long time. Seen Kakishon, the City of Brass and other interesting places i want to explore more of the planes and i am happy to join Shihab.

Tic says:

Asíma says:

Talib says:

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