Ashoka, born on Doriah I

Rank 5: Intimidation Rank 4: Oratory Rank 4: Resolve Rank 3: Culture/Tech Rank 3: Charm Rank 3: Medical Rank 2: Survial Rank 2: Health Rank 2: Rank 2: Rank 1: Animal Handler Rank 1: Rank 1: Rank 1: Rank 1:

Aspects “Mumbo Jumbo”, “Bringer of Doom for Doriah”,

Stunts Have a thing: Longevity potions Extra Composure

Being a shaman is not easy. Ashoha predicted doom and destruction - but nothing happend. So she fled to the skys to escape the wrath of her people. She knows, all people of Doriah will suffer - doom IS coming, after all. And it is her that will hit doom on the head and pull him to Doriah I.