Balon, born on Destran, Andromeda System

Rank 5: Tactics Rank 4: Resolve Rank 4: Pilot Rank 3: Intimidation Rank 3: Energy Weapons Rank 3: Stamina Rank 2: Close Combat Rank 2: Brawling Rank 2: Agility Rank 2: Alertness Rank 1: EVA Rank 1: Stealth Rank 1: Aircraft Rank 1: MicroG Rank 1: Assets

Aspects “Tigerstrike Clan”, “Bastard of Commoda” (Commoda is also the mother of Marcus Cicelius), “I’ll show em all”,

Stunts “Raumkampf” (can use Tactics as a replacement for MicroG when fighting) Military Grade Energy Weapons Military Grade Brawling

Being a bastard son, Balon was transferred on Destran so he would not create a scandal. Left alone, he became a vicious fighter and rose in the ranks of the pirates. He lost his fighter wing when the Empire attacked. He is no longer well liked. As a prisoner of Marcus Cicelius, he offered to become his spy.