Erste Sitzung

Actual Play

We played our first session of Diaspora (and FATE, both) on Friday. Its part of a newly started group to try several Indy systems; none of others had ever played FATE before. Only two of the planned three players showed up.

We started with a very very general explanation of the system, esp. what Aspects can do for you and what use FATE-Points have. After that, we began – as the rulebook advised – with cluster generation. It went pretty well, the players each generated two systems, another two were created by me. We then connected the cluster and allready connections were created. The player (David) who rolled the highest (T3) tech level named his system „High Empire of Byrinthia“, going for a high tech roman inspired empire, including warring fractions withhin the senate. The others picked up that input and created a prison system, were the unwanted of the Empire are held; including several space pirate clans based there.

After that we started character generation. Everybody wanted to create two characters – one for each system. The high empire was again very important for connecting the characters, David creating the son of a possible contender for the throne of the empire, Markus created his bastard brother on the prirate world.

GM Note: I didn’t read carefully enough, realizing very late that the generation system requires in several phases that two players work together. It didn’t create much problems, but we had to take a step back and redo those steps. The output was fantastic – no more „You meet in a tavern!“

Since the real playing was planned for the next session, I started the players on the combat rule system, creating a very simple map. Three T2 policemen were defending it, the two players were supposed to attack and get one of the policemen alive for interogation.

GM Note: Again I had problems. This time it were guns. The rules for building them are kind of difficult. I didn’t find the sample guns in the rulebook so I had to wing it. Some entries (like rifle, knife and submachine gun) in the index would have helped here.

The players were very fast in using aspects to boost their own rolls, but slow in using them to compell each other or the enemy.

After that we switched to social combat, replaying the example interrogation from the rulebook. By now my players started to get the hang of the system very well – I lost the social combat with many points to spare.

It actually took us a quite while. We started at 19:00 and stopped somewhere around 23:15, I guess. In my opinion everybody had fun. We will probably continue next week, the players were eagerly trying to set up the game for Friday.. I’ll post Cluster and characters and hope for input from you guys.