Marcus Cicelius Galba

Marcus Cicelius Galba, born on Byrinthia

Rank 5: Tactics Rank 4: Resolve Rank 4: Assets Rank 3: Charm Rank 3: Intimidate Rank 3: Oratory Rank 2: Alertness Rank 2: Culture/Tech Rank 2: Profession “Poisonmaker” Rank 2: Close Combat Rank 1: Stamina Rank 1: Arts Rank 1: Bureaucracy Rank 1: Slug Throwers Rank 1: Brokerage

Aspects “They do as I want” “I killed my brother” “Overcautious schemer” “My Lads!” “Cicelius, Cicelius - give me back my legions” “Violence is the last bastion of the incompetent” “The risk is to high”

Stunts Military grade assets Extra composure extra assets

Son of a powerful senator, C killed his older brother to advance into the position of the heir. He became a competent officer, rising (due to the influence of his father) fast very high into the central command. After initial successes he lost some big troop transports full of soldiers in an attempt to fight piracy on Andromeda. He left Byrinthia and ???