High Empire of Byrinthia

T3, E3, R2

Aspects: “Warring Factions”, “You’re just babarians”

Roman Empire like, Emperor very old, Senate will elect the new emperor, rich senators own whole continents

Echain T-2, E0, R1

Aspects: “Corporate Oppression”, “Humans as resources”

The only world in this system is covered by a huge city, run and owned by “The Corporation”. Humans are killed if unproductive, everything is either steam driven or humans are used as computers, calendars, etc.

Doriah T-3, E1, R-1

Aspects “Jungle World”, “We own the secret of longevity”

Dinosaurs, Cavemen, Everybody gets very old (280 Years and up)


T1, E-2, R0

Aspects: “Dangerous sunwind” “Run by pirates”

Prison-planet of Byrinthia, pirates are organized in clans, nobody has the ability to leave the system. Main planet: Destran


T1, E-1, R-3

Aspects: “Everybody exploits us”, “If it won’t kill us, it’ll make us harder”

A few surviver live on the moon of a planet no longer usable. Everything is smelly and rusty on the moon, the people live in tunnels.


T0, E-1, R0

Aspects: “Few of us are left” “Covered in ruins”

A world which once stood tall, proud and very powerful. Now its degenerated, formally a theocracy and mighty tribes war with each other.