Warren Dowd

Warren Dowd, born on Echain

Rank 5: Stamina Rank 4: Slug Thrower Rank 4: Alertness Rank 3: Culture/Tech Rank 3: Medical Rank 3: Close Combat Rank 2: Resolve Rank 2: Intimidate Rank 2: Tactics Rank 2: Stealth Rank 1: Assets Rank 1: Agility Rank 1: Brawling Rank 1: Demolitions Rank 1: Survival

Aspects “It’s not my fault”, “Streetkid”, “Trenchwar veteran”, “Field Medic”, “The dead children stare at me”, “Deserter”, “Alcoholic”

Stunts Military grade slug throwers Extra health I have a thing ???

Veteran of several fierce ground wars, usually entrenched somewhere under artillery fire, Warren became a competent field medic. Followed in his dreams by the dead children this war created, he fled into the arm of mercenary recruiters. He helped Yuan Shao on Carlton.