Yuan Shao

Yuan Shao, born on Carlton

Rank 5: Brokerage Rank 4: Intimindation Rank 4: Resolve Rank 3: Charm Rank 3: Assets Rank 3: Culture/Tech Rank 2: Brawling Rank 2: Stamina Rank 2: Stealth Rank 2: Alertness Rank 1: MicroG Rank 1: Vehicle Rank 1: Tactics Rank 1: Agility Rank 1: ???

Aspects: “Feelings can be bought”, “pockmarks”, “Out there is money to be made” “It’s my family” “Phoenix” “Kick them when they are down” “Comeback Kid”

Stunts: Lucky, Military grade brokerage, ???

Born into a family which “owned” one of the few icemines on the moon, he was rich - as others died because they could not pay for the ice. He became head of the family, but later lost everything to a mob who “socialized” his mine. He tried to hire mercs to get his mine back (other players), but had to flee in a small ship.