Juri, born on Fontane

Rank 5: Engineering Rank 4: Communication Rank 4: MicroG Rank 3: Repair Rank 3: Resolve Rank 3: Slug Thrower Rank 2: Close Combat Rank 2: Computer Rank 2: Culture / Tech Rank 2: Pilot Rank 1: EVA Rank 1: Bureaucracy Rank 1: Charm Rank 1: Stamina Rank 1:

Aspects “Born and raised in zero g”, “Engines talk to me” “Attention, soldiers!” “They died because I failed” “I have a back-up plan” “Kill to survive” “Hunted by house Gulvan”

Stunts Mil Grade Engineer Mil Grade Electronic Warfare Have a thing: Implanted Pressure Suit

Juri was born in a old russian-like space station. For more the 14 years he only knew 14 people, his best friends being the computers and engines. He later went down, dirtside to join the space navy. His first combat assignment was on the flag ship of Marcus Cicelius during the campaign against the pirates. Juri thought his actions would have improved the shields… but not against the primitive weapons of the space pirates. Crashed on Destran, he fought to stay alive among the pirates. He is now under the protection of Balon.