The Essence is that which is common to all things, living and dead, organic and inorganic. It has been characterized by many names — the Tao, Magic, the Unified Field, etc. It represents a force and order that defines the ways of the world. Changes in the patterns of the Essence dictate the flow of events, and the course of life itself. It is a power beyond the grasp of any being.

Nonetheless, some who become one with the Essence find ways of manipulating its patterns on a temporary basis. This fleeting strength allows them to redefine the reality around them, molding elements and wielding very real power. Thus, the spells of those who are of the realm of Essence can be both beautiful and lethal, affecting one or many. In the end, however, the normal patterns will always prevail, and only the effects will remain to tell the tale.

(zitiert aus Spell Law - Of Essence, Seite 3)