The mind is an amazing tool — yet, no one uses it to its full capacity. Mentalism spell users strive to use their minds in ways few even contemplate. By using the very personal power locked within themselves, Mentalism users are able to channel the power of the Essence through their own mental corridors; thus, manipulating and bending the reality that surrounds them. In a sense, they act as very minute imitations of the deities above, giving power not to clerics, but retaining it and directing its manipulation. Mentalism users are masters of the Essence within themselves.

Because Mentalism users are not deities, however, they work within the limitations of their worldly bodies, their own senses, and perceptions. Rarely are they able to direct their spells beyond themselves or one target. Nonetheless, the power of the Mentalism user can reach great heights. They are masters of thought, gatherers of presence and inner strength. Even though their focus is generally limited to singular targets, their abilities regarding personal confrontations are considerable indeed … for, it is the Mentalism user who seeks to fulfill the destiny of his own mind.

(zitiert aus Spell Law - Of Mentalism, Seite 3)