DIE TRYING - a GLOGalike Nightmare

Rulings not Rules, Reward Shenanigans, Nobody is Guaranteed Tomorrow


Use a pencil

Running is an option

Push your limits, try new things

0 HP isn’t death, just dismemberment

The answer isn’t always on your sheet

Answer the question the way you want

Have you tried talking to it yet?

Ask questions, take notes

Good plans don’t roll

Help each other!

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Getting started

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Death and Dismemberment
Encounter Checks

Adding characters to the wiki

  1. Click “New” on the top bar
  2. Use your character’s first name as the page name
  3. Copy in the text
  4. Make sure any list elements have “-” or “*” at the start
  5. At the end of each line involving stats or your name (so not a list), add \ \ (without the space) and a double-line at the end of the “paragraph”
  6. Edit this page to add the link to your character, just add it in [ [ square brackets ] ]


Retired Characters

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