Dr. Hopscotch (ambnz)

Name: Professor Quispgooch Buckwickle A.K.A. Dr. Hopscotch (for wizzzard bidniz)

Race: Human

Former Life: Animist

Basically: A dude that seeks glory and death

STR: 6 DEX: 9 CON: 9 INT: 13 WIS: 8 CHA: 12

ATT: melee 11, ranged 9 DEF: 9 HP: 7/7 SAVE: 7 MD: 1/1

Before you were an adventurer you… Joined a Banished school of magic [starting spell, wizard robes, perks/restrictions and unfortunate consequences] Learned how to endure the intolerable [At All Costs] Fought like a rabid wolf [Rage, alcohol, +1 HP]

TRAITS Switch any two stats School: Animist Perks: Transform into a hideous monster, your spells can target parasites and unborn children without damaging their hosts Restrictions: You can never bathe, nor return the love of someone At All Costs (if an encounter or effect kills the entire party, you can survive it, losing all items in the process, only works once) Rage (+1 Damage, +1 Attack, 2-in-6 chance of feeling pain, retreating or showing mercy)

INVENTORY (7/13 slots filled) magical robes (+1 MD, -1 Defence) absinthe potion of Breathlessness alchemists tape bag of lard sling (1d4) 3 rations

ACCOUTREMENTS spell: Sleep bounty on your head you saw a shooting star crash down a while ago, it still glows for you on the horizon, pulsing gently

Skills: Poison I, Jeweller I