Name: Lumaburk A.K.A. Wattleriddle Stoneprissy
Race: Orc
Former Life: Cthonomancer

STR: 17
DEX: 10 X
CON: 12
INT: 15 X
WIS: 10 X
CHA: 8 X

ATT: melee 13, ranged 11
DEF: 13
HP: 6/7
MD: 0. Perhaps try demonflesh grafts or making a deal?

Before you were an adventurer you…
Rediscovered your heritage [Racial ability]
Joined a Chartered school of magic [two spells, perks/restrictions and unfortunate consequences]
Got your hands on some serious weapons of war [large weapon, +1 ATT, +1 armour]


School - Cthonomancer
Perk: By touching a surface and concentrating for a couple of rounds, you can sense all things within [level]*10’ that are also touching the surface.
Drawback: You lose 1 MD if you aren’t touching the ground. You get it back as soon as you set feet on Terra Firma again. X

INVENTORY (16/17 slots filled)

Claar (spell: Grease)
Rouwe’ns (spell: Liquefy)
crippling student debts
goblin monocle

Skills: Navigator I, Miner I