Name: Nanvena
Race: Spiderling
Player: Ian (iemcd)

STR: 8 (X)
DEX: 12
CON: 6/8 (X)
INT: 10 (X)
WIS: 7
CHA: 14

ATT: melee 9, ranged 10
DEF: 12
HP: 12/12 (XXX)
MD: 1/1

Before you were an adventurer you…



  1. a distinct lack of mental stability (XX)
  2. leather armour
  3. bag of chalk (2/3) useful for getting between locations in a maze
  4. 2.5 torches
  5. axe
  6. 3 (iron) rations w/ notes (”don't eat them all at once”, “he's the one -watch out - it's a shapechanging demon - it knows more than it thinks it knows1 indecipherable one - eaten)
  7. healing salve
  8. potion #95 (potion of mapping, nearly spoiled) (donated to slabratory)
  9. quarterstaff
  10. some books, easy to ditch
  11. lingering sense of comradery (taken by the child)
  12. bottle of holy water (taken by kobolds)
  13. “yeast” (taken by kobolds, sold as water purifier)
  14. shield made into a tree by the octopus


The Ancient King I (X), Spelunking I, Woodcutter I, Lockpicking 0 (X)