Name: Phykalla Blitzgeschmiedet (Lightning-Forged, storm giant mother) possible lightning channeling xxx (needs catalyst)

Race: Half-Giant when I eat powerful hearts gain 1d12 inches, total gain 4 in

Former Life: Dungeon Delver

Basically: A hella big lady that is marked by strange events

STR: 18 xxxx
DEX: 11 xx
CON: 8
INT: 11 x
WIS: 12
CHA: 12 xx

ATT: xx melee 13, ranged 11
DEF: xx 19
HP: x 5/5
SAVE: 7 x
Death dice: 0
Trauma: 3/6

Before you were an adventurer you…

Acquired a new fighting style [group fighting]
inherited a selection of useful magics [accouterments wizard robes, talking flail, butler]
Had an odd occurrence and took something away from it [treasure map]


INVENTORY (13/18 slots filled)


Skills: Chef 1, machines 1,


deal with