The Name Thief (NPC)

Martha AKA The Name Thief
is one of the most fearsome powers in the dungeon. Advice from The Ancient King is that if she is encountered flee, and “return with cannon and fire”. According to the nameless statue on Floor 1, she is “bound in lies” and can “hide its name”.

From Andsaca’s fight martha is known to:

known demons tied to the name thief’s belt (theorized there are 8-9 major demons):

According to Velicious:

According to The Ancient King, Velicious also “knows more than it thinks it knows” about The Name Thief.

Potential Weaknesses:

The Name Thief is known to have stolen the names of:

It is also opposed by the child monarch of the kobolds, the ancient king, and probably all right-thinking puissant creatures who stand to lose anything.