Velicious the Dandy Demon (NPC)

Velicious is a powerful shapeshifting demon, nominally trapped in the dungeon but reasonably content with that. After [a long period] of confinement, he enjoys the unexpected, and might be helpful, or at least let you live if you give him a good show (e.g. distract a bunch of cannibals with sadness jerky then sic an ogre on them). His preferred drink is “sinners’ tears”. Having been in the dungeon for such a long time, he has at least some information on any of the major players in the dungeon.

I don’t remember exactly how he was described, but I imagine him like Willy Wonka.

Velicious’ true name was stolen by The Name Thief, and he’s only a little mad about it. If you meet the name thief, it may be wearing a belt that binds several of Velicious’ brethren. Removing the belt will distract the name thief, and destroying the belt will free them and earn you Velicous’ thanks. “He knows more than he thinks he does [about the name thief]”, according to The Ancient King. Consequently, I do not know if I have learned all that it is possible to learn about the Name Thief from Velicious, but it’s not helpful to ask directly. If anyone learns anything about it in passing, Nanvena would be curious to know.

Velicious can travel freely through the dungeon via a dimension he calls “backstage”. Oddly, cell block 0 is inaccessible from there, and he is unfamiliar with the room.

He hinted that there may be some ritual way to contact him, similar to the Worm Queen or the Child Monarch of the Kobolds, but I did not have the chance to ask.