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Danerus (dahn-AHR-us)

Danerus 0101 C653434-5 Ni Po

Subsector Address: 01,01

Size: 10,200 km (.75G)

Atmosphere Rating: Thin (.7bars)

Hydrographics: 27% of surface area

Average Surface Temperature: 15*C

Population: 28,900

Dominate Government: Self-perpetuating Oligarchy (strict caste system)

Obscure Group Faction

Cultural Feature: Strict Caste System

Law Level: 4

Banned Items: Light assault weapons, SMGs, military weapons, portable energy and laser weapons, WMDs, explosives, chemical weapons, cloth and heavier armor.

Contraband: Off world people and technology

Spaceport Class: C

Berthing Cost: 0

Fuel: None

Facilities: Limited Repair

Bases: None

Tech level: Pre-atomic Industrial

Danerus is a backwater world at the very edge of the sector. Preliminary scans show a relatively low tech world with a small native population. While there are some ruins which predate the Collapse, the people there are kept away from such things by a strict caste system. Most people are essentially slaves at the bottom of the rung, with artisans, priests, bureaucrat, then warriors (respectively). The warrior caste propagates the belief that all “off world” influences (in which they include any ruins of technology not their own) are to be strictly kept out.

While there is a functioning Downport, there are no services provided. TravNet encourages Travellers to exercise extreme caution when on Danerus as the ruling oligarchs will detain anyone they catch.