Getussysad (geht-EW-sis-ahd)

Getussysad 0108 C77A145-7 G Lo Ni Wa

Subsector Address: 01,08

Size: 12,000km(.95G)


Hydrographics: 99%

Average Surface Temperature: 27*C

Population: 45

Dominate Government: Representative Democracy


Fringe Group

Cultural Feature: Planet contains a small, monastic community

Law Level: 5

Banned Items: Personal concealed weapons, light assault weapons, SMGs, military weapons, portable energy and laser weapons, chemical weapons, WMDs, explosives, Mesh armor and heavier.

Contraband: Drugs, Weapons

Spaceport Class: C

Berthing Cost: 100

Fuel: Unrefined

Facilities: Repair

Bases: None

Tech level: Early Space Age

Getussysad is the terminus planet along the Narzad Spur and a stepping off point for those who wish to get back to “civilized” space. It serves as an unofficial border between strictly [[InCom?]] space and the [[Resud_Subsector?]] proper. The planet itself is a primordial world, mostly water with a high level of CO2 in the atmosphere. In a few more million years, as the temperature and climate stabilizes, the world may take on a more garden-like quality but, for now, it is barely habitable.

The spaceport here, however, is a bustling center of trade with people coming in and out rather frequently. The natives, a small monastic community, operate many of the functions in and around the spaceport as a means to fund their operation. Travelers are welcome to explore the few “sacred” sites in and around the planet and many us the opportunity to vacation by touring the many underwater locals.

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