INTRA, or the Interstellar Travel Authority, has been established by the Core Worlds as the predominent military/policing force in known space. It is the singular mission of INTRA to control travel between the stars. Using Core World technology and a centuries long naval tradition, INTRA is a force to be reckoned with.

INTRA jurisdiction extends to sanctioned spaceports, and all space outside a given world’s atmosphere. In the case of vacuum worlds or asteroids the local authority is given a 5km “flight space” as their sovereign space. INTRA had a strict policy (Law level 10) towards violence in its space; however, does little to police economic activity (Law level 0) leaving such things to local authorities.

INTRA is funded through 4 major avenues. Firstly, 80% of all spaceport profits goes to INTRA directly. This includes berthing, fuel, and repair costs. Secondly, INTRA will lease spaceport area for local bases. Again, INTRA does not necessarily concern itself with the use of that base so long as other guidelines are met. Thirdly, INTRA allows local governments access to space for military purposes so long as an appropriate “war tax” is paid. INTRA will not directly intervene in any local conflict; however, it will assert its sovereignty in space if provoked. Lastly, INTRA requires all Travellers, those space travellers who are not officially part of a local government, to undergo and maintain a license. Failure to do so could incite penalties up to and including the destruction of the Travellers ship.