INTRA History of the Galaxy


Very little is known about human society prior to the cataclysmic event known as the Collapse. It is believed that this proto-empire was actually more advanced than the Core Worlds and INTRA today, with the ability to cover the entire galaxy. Or, at the very least, there has yet to be a world that INTRA has made contact with that does not have signs of Pre-Collapse civilization. The current, dominate, theory is that they were not native to this galaxy but had the ability to travel from one galaxy to another. While this neatly accounts for their absence, it does not account for the thoroughness of their presence nor does it account for the human compatibility with their technology.


From what can be gathered, it seems fringe colonies or colonies on uninhabitable worlds collapsed first. Slowly, but surely, it seems the technology which supported this Pre-Collapse civilization began catastrophic failure.

Rise of the Core

Centuries passed between the Collapse and the eventual rediscovery of the J-Drive. However, the so-called Core Worlds of the Prime Sector developed this technology first. Slowly, but surely they began to spread back out over the stars and rediscover what was out there.

Dynasty Conflict

The Core Worlds were not the only rapidly advancing garden worlds. Other planets, also within Prime Sector, had developed J-Drives and advanced weapons. It was only a matter of time before war broke out between these powers. Eventually, the Core Worlds won out, and established the Hron (he-RAHN) Dynasty which still rules even to today.

Founding of INTRA

Realizing that controlling worlds would be difficult and unprofitable, the Hron decided the proper solution was to create an entity which would guard the stars. The Interstellar Travel Authority (or INTRA as it was known) was created. The bulk of the Hron navy was shifted to upholding INTRA and ensuring its mission is a success. INTRA functions as both road builders and guardians. They fund and execute the bulk of scout missions, spaceports, and interstellar security. Legally, and with force, they claim to control the space between the stars. To fund their mission, they rely on fees from star ports, licensing for Travellers, and offering permits for local planets to fight one another in space. The only time INTRA gets involved if there is unlicensed mercantile activity (such as piracy or illicit salvaging), travel to forbidden worlds, or direct challenge to their rule (as yet they have not encountered a planet with technology beyond that which is found in the Core Worlds.