INTRA New Traveller Initiation

  1. What is INTRA?
  2. What are Travellers?
  3. Relationship between INTRA and Travellers
  4. Relationship between Local Authority and Travellers
  5. Traveller's Rights guaranteed by INTRA
  6. Travel Codes and Travellers

What is INTRA?

INTRA, or the Interstellar Travel Authority, has been established by the Core Worlds as the predominent military/policing force in known space. It is the singular mission of INTRA to control travel between the stars. Using Core World technology and a centuries long naval tradition, INTRA is a force to be reckoned with.

INTRA jurisdiction extends to sanctioned spaceports, and all space outside a given world’s atmosphere. In the case of vacuum worlds or asteroids the local authority is given a 5km “flight space” as their sovereign space. INTRA had a strict policy (Law level 10) towards violence in its space; however, does little to police economic activity (Law level 0) leaving such things to local authorities.

INTRA is funded through 4 major avenues. Firstly, 80% of all spaceport profits goes to INTRA directly. This includes berthing, fuel, and repair costs. Secondly, INTRA will lease spaceport area for local bases. Again, INTRA does not necessarily concern itself with the use of that base so long as other guidelines are met. Thirdly, INTRA allows local governments access to space for military purposes so long as an appropriate “war tax” is paid. INTRA will not directly intervene in any local conflict; however, it will assert its sovereignty in space if provoked. Lastly, INTRA requires all Travellers, those space travellers who are not officially part of a local government, to undergo and maintain a license. Failure to do so could incite penalties up to and including the destruction of the Travellers ship.

What are Travellers?

Travellers(or Traveller) is a colloquial term used for a variety of individuals who, generally, do not explicitly serve a particular planet, polity, or Dynasty. They are freelancers in the sense that they are self-employed and self-maintained. There are a variety of reasons one might be drawn to the life of a Traveller from boredom, retirement, loss of career/stability, or just a desire for adventure. Because of INTRA’s minimal involvement in planetary trade, Travellers play an integral role in passing goods and mail from planet to planet; especially in sectors where major polities or corporations have not firmly established themselves.

Relationship between INTRA and Travellers

Because INTRA claims jurisdiction in space and Travellers, inherently, operate in the space between worlds, there is a need to establish a codified relationship between the two groups. Each ship owner is expected to maintain a Traveller’s Liscense with a monthly payment of 1000Cr. This liscense allows them:

  1. The ability to travel between planets without interference from INTRA
  2. The ability to engage in military action against non-INTRA entities in space
  3. The ability to enter Amber planets

To qualify, ship owners must meet the following criteria:

  1. Established ownership of licensed vessel with an appropriately certified bill of sale
  2. No criminal record in INTRA data banks
  3. Statement of intent, where the ship intends to travel and what they intend to do when they are there
  4. Ship registration
  5. Crew Manifest
  6. Maintain monthly payment of 1,000 Cr

If any of the criteria changes (such as a change in crew or a change in the ship’s intent), then the Traveller’s License must be updated at the nearest INTRA Consulate as soon as possible. If any of the information changes (such as an owner appearing on a criminal registry) then INTRA reserves the right to revoke the licenses. INTRA also holds the right to revoke a license without hearing if the offense is sufficiently grievous (such as attacking an INTRA vessel).

Again, INTRA is not involved in local affairs or even in policing hostile action in space. A Traveller’s license gives the owners the right, at least from an INTRA perspective, to engage in piracy or other actions (even if those actions are considered locally illegal).

Relation between Local Authorities and Travellers

To say the relationship between locals and Travellers is complicated would be an understatement. As there are countless worlds there are also countless laws and customs governing those planets. Moreover, because INTRA tends to keep Travellers at an arms lengths and solve problems “in house”, most Travellers have to rely on good relationships with local governments (or, at least, tolerable relationships) to find the work they need to maintain their debts. It is incumbent upon the Travellers to know the laws and customs of each world they land on before landing on that world. INTRA holds sovereignty on the immediate boundaries of most spaceports; however, to leave that space requires permission from the local authority.

Traveller’s Rights guaranteed by INTRA

There are few “rights” that INTRA offers to Travellers. In most cases, the Travellers are expected to be equipped and able to solve their own problems absent INTRA intervention. That said, there are a few protections Traveller’s have access too.

  1. Access to spaceports. INTRA will not extradite people from their spaceports to local governments for any reason. It is not uncommon for criminal Travellers to hole up in a spaceport (especially one where the Traveller’s Aid Society has facilities) and conduct business through intermediaries
  2. Protection from non-licensed attacks. If a Traveller is attacked in space by a non-licensed entity then INTRA can, and will, intercede. It should be noted that most aggressive entities (local navies, mercenary/pirate groups, and other Travellers) have licenses.

Travel Codes and Travellers

In an attempt to avoid conflict and direct space traffic, INTRA uses a system of codes to communicate the status of planets.

  1. GREEN: Green worlds are safe and normal. There is no travel restriction.
  2. AMBER: Amber worlds require caution. Only licensed individuals can land on Amber worlds.
  3. RED: Red worlds are banned. All travel is restricted.

INTRA tends to patrol Amber and Red worlds to ensure the code is enforced. Moreover, the reasons behind a travel ban can range from concerns over travel safety (in the case of an unstable or dangerous world) to unnamed reasons. INTRA reserves the right to apply travel codes for any reason.