Resud (rez-EWD)

Resud 0406 A863845-B N Ri Cp

Size: 12,800 km (1G)

Atmospheric Rating: Standard (1.4 bars)

Hydrographics: 30% of surface area is water with one dominate ocean

Average Surface temperature: 35*C

Population: 819,375,060

Government Type: Representative Democracy

Notable Group (Rival Nation)

Notable Group (Rival Nation)

Minor Group (Rival Party)

Cultural Oddity: Unusual Custom: Offworlders

Law Level: 5

Banned Items: Concealable firearms, Light assault weapons and SMG, military grade weapons, portable energy and laser weapons, WMD, explosives, chemical weapons, Mesh armor and heavier

Contraband: Drugs, Imported Weapons, Psionics

Tech Level: Early Stellar with basic AI, grav-supported structures, and 2 star jump engines

Resud is the dominant power in the subsector with on of the highest tech levels and greatest access to trade. While the planet is not entirely unified, every nation agrees that this position of honor is not worth going to the wall over.

While not on the Urwalen Run, Resud has powerful merchant marine traditions backed by a formally trained navy. They have worked closely with [[Concord?]] to establish a network of Scout bases and maintain starports across the subsector.

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