Sansudo Region

The Sanusdo Region is a cluster of worlds who, economically, are tied to the planet SANUSDO. Prior to the arrival of INTRA, this region was a burgeoning economic zone with SANUSDO leading the charge in development of the J-Drive. SANUSDO had begun systematically exploring the adjacent planets and building relations. They have their own Expeditionary Force with rudimentary skills and tools.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of INTRA, the future of the Region is up in question. SANUSDO has found itself competing with planets from other subsectors who can transport better quality goods for a similar price. The planet itself, likewise, is unsure how to process the shock that, not only is the J-Drive possible, but there are thousands of other worlds out there (many of whom are more advanced than SANUSDO. The partner planets are still loyal, however, and they’d rather deal with the planet they know than nameless, faceless corporate entities. That said, they cannot stand the insecurity of their future and, it doesn’t help, that with recent martial law being called on SANUSDO, INTRA has put an Amber travel code on the world.