Ucajo (uu-KAH-joh)

Size: 9,600 KM

Gravity: .7Gs

Atmosphere Rating: Thin (627mb)

Hydrographics Rating: 22% of surface area

Notable Sources: Galtor Sea approx. 22 million km2

Esperio Ocean, approx. 21 million km2

Drexal’s Trench, approx. 100 miles long

Population: Approx 28,500

Major Cities: 0

Minor Cities: 0

Notable Settlements: 2

Ucajo Prime: 19,000 (located on the sea, starport located here) Drexal’s Rock: 9,000 (a valley settlement based around mountains north of Galtor Sea)

Major Government Type: Representative Democracy

Major Political Factions: Free Traders Party (supports contact with the Third Wave and trade)

Minor Political Factions: Ucajo First Party (believes the starport should be removed and planet isolated)

Major Religions: Tetrahedron, Church of the One

Law Level Code: 4

Contraband: Non-medical drugs, firearms, psionics Equipment Bans: Light assault weapons, sub-machine guns, and armor heavier than cloth.

Starport Rating: D

Berthing Cost: 20cr

Fuel Type: Unrefined

Facilities: Limited repair bay

Bases: None

Gas Giant: Present

Native Tech Level: 4 (Pre-electric industrial)

Trade Codes: Low Tech (Lt), Non-Industrial (Ni), Poor (Po)

Alert Status: Green

Ucajo is one of the most far flung planets from the CONCORD home worlds and has been slow to recover since the collapse. This smaller than earth planet has made people who are not very prone to long hours of exertion and this is reflected in their society itself. People from this world tend to be of few words and prefer direct action over long, strenuous debate.

Geographically, the planet is mostly desert and bare. The entire northern hemisphere lacks enough rainfall and water to sustain any form of vegetation or native life. Indeed, the thin nature of their atmosphere makes travel to the north hazardous, as high amounts of solar radiation permeate through the atmosphere. At the pole, this can translate to wild seasonal swings in temperature as the winter see intense cold while the summers are immensely hot.

The southern half would be similar were it not for the Galtor and Esperio Oceans. The oceans itself takes up nearly 16% of the planet’s surface (measuring roughly 43 million km2 combined) and create a stabilizing element for the planet’s climate in that hemisphere. Around that ocean, there are rivers, lakes, and smaller seas which create a habitable zone and where most of the population can be found.

Their culture has only recently completed an industrial revolution, though they still lack the population to sustain mass production. In addition, the southern hemisphere is lacking in natural resources such as metals, medical plants, polymers, and other basic goods. In addition, due to the inability to sustain mass production, there are relatively few firearms available (even though the technology exists). While the government has labelled such goods as contraband (more on this later), a growing black market has arisen).

Travellers to this planet are cautioned when bringing equipment off world. The lack of access to exotic materials means the people have a low tolerance for drug addiction and, as such, the local government has passed a general ban on non-medical drugs and their recreational use. Moreover, the widespread access to firearms is not common and Travellers who decide to bring firearms and/or armor of better quality than simple cloth armor can expect arraignment with a local magistrate (though the demand for such equipment is high). Lastly, in compliance with CONCORD guidelines, Ucajo has adopted a general ban on all psionic people’s and will detain and report anyone attempting to bring such person into their world.

Ucajo Prime, the largest settlement on the planet, is governed by the Deputy Commission, a body of 11 elected representatives from different districts (8 from Ucajo Prime, 2 from Drexal’s Rock, 1 from the Outlands). The Commission then votes on how to allocate common resources, set tax rates, and establish global policy. Moreover, any decision involving the outside world must go through the Commission first. Magistrates are nominated by the Commission, but must be approved by popular vote in that Magistrate’s district.

There are only 2 major parties of note. The first is the Free Trader’s Party (FTP) which believes that more contact with other worlds will be better, not worse, for Ucajo. They recognize that the ursela is out of its shell, so to say, and burying their head in the sand will not change this. Therefore, they should act as members of their larger subsector and participate in offering what resources they have in trade. FTP is the dominate party, generally holding 8-9 seats in the Deputy Commission and holding most of Ucajo Prime. The opposition party, Ucajo First (UF), is based mostly out of Drexal’s Rock and holds that the planet should remain isolated. They caution that the Travellers do not have Ucajo’s best interest at heart and that such involvement outside of Ucajo distracts from life on the planet.

The people of Ucajo have a strange obsession with the northern hemisphere. They are convinced that the original settlers of the world once had a thriving metropolis located there with amazing technology. Vast amount of their resources are dedicated to exploring that hemisphere with survival skills and training being top on their list of priorities. Indeed, vast amounts of literature and local radio broadcasts discuss merits, techniques, and possible dangers one could expect. One is not considered a true child of Ucajo until they have spent some time in the North.