Udurgaer (EW-dew-raa-gar)

Udurgaer 0104 E567100-7 G Lo Ni

Subsector Address: 01,04

Size: 8,800 (.47G)

Atmosphere Rating: Standard (.8bars)

Hydrographics: 73%

Average Surface Temperature: 13*C

Population: 62

Dominate Government: None

Notable Faction

Notable Faction

Minor Group

Cultural Feature: Each year, one member is voted “leader” and has to spend the year in an orbital satellite.

Law Level: 0

Banned Items: None

Contraband: None

Spaceport Class: E

Berthing Cost: 0

Fuel: None

Facilities: None

Bases: None

Tech level: Early space-age

Udurgaer would probably be fascinating to anthropologists if there were more to be gained. Despite the fact that the planet is practically a garden world (though it has nearly half the gravitational pull it should), there are fewer than 100 people on the planet. More interestingly, these people do not seem interested at all in preserving the world or their future. There is no concerted effort at growing their population, building a colony, or even establishing systematic agriculture. They do, however, seem interested in maintaining an old orbital platform, sending a member up there once a year in an ancient shuttle craft.