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In the beginning there was the Empyrean, which is a land of Light, spirit and truth and the Maelstrom, which is a land of Darkness, matter and falsehood. Two primordial gods ruled over these worlds, with the goddess Miela ruling the Light, and the god Beliar ruling the Dark. Miela was born pregnant, and when an aeon had passed she gave birth to her firstborn, Spirituality. Beliar looked up towards the Light and saw what had come to pass. Jealous of Miela’s power to give birth, when he himself was sterile, he declared war on the Light. From the Darkness he shaped four mighty golems, and breathed into each of them, giving them a sort of false life. With these fell creations, he made war on the world of Light. The war lasted five aeons, and over the course of it Miela birthed five children: Nylshy, Zobel, Tonturia, Torqua, and Nallaress. At the conclusion of the war, Beliar managed to swallow Miela’s firstborn, Spirituality. Miela, enraged at this, cut off Beliar’s head.

Miela and her Children of Light captured Beliar’s golems and twisted Beliar’s body into a prison for them. In addition, Miela ripped Beliar’s soul out of the shattered form and split it into seven parts, before imprisoning them alongside the golems in Beliar’s body. She then began to try to free her firstborn, but she realized that the task would be a long and hard one as he had already become a part of Beliar, and in the process been corrupted and bound to the titan’s corpse. She sent her five younger children into the corpse, and commanded them to free their brother.

The five Children of Light first set out to try to purify their brother. They picked the corruption out of his soul like one would picks flies out of soup. Each time they threw the corruption onto Beliar’s flesh, something would spring into being. The corruption that landed on Beliar’s skin became demons, plants and animals. The corruption that landed on the seas of Beliar’s blood became fish and primordial dragons. The Children of Light were so focused on removing the corruption from their fallen brother’s soul that they didn’t notice as these creations came into being.

The demons, seeing the Children of Light, attempted to make a creature in their image. However the man and woman so created were corpses without life. In order to remedy this, the demons created a distraction by lengthening the “chains” of the golems and soul shards of Beliar. Though the golems and shards were still unable to leave the body of Beliar, they were now able to reach the Children of Light to renew their battle. In the confusion that followed, the demons snatched the soul of Spirituality and split it in two, putting half in the man and half in the woman.

The Children of Light re-imprisoned the golems and the soul shards of Beliar fled in fear giving the Children of Light time to asses the situation with their brother. They were horrified to discover that the demon-created mortals carrying the soul of Spirituality had multiplied and spread over the body of Beliar. Every time two mortals reproduced, a portion of their soul was split off in order to create the soul of their child. Over the course of many mortal generations, their brother had been split up into millions of pieces, and it seemed like if the mortal races had their way, he would only continue to be subdivided until every portion of his soul was so hopelessly tiny that he would never be whole and free again.

In the times that followed the Children of Light created the sun, moon and milky way as grand machines to extract the purest parts of their brother (the souls of enlightened mortals) and rebuild him piece by piece, and the shards of Beliar began incarnating every generation to corrupt mortals and keep them imprisoned in the world of matter and lies, but that is another story.