There are four major planes: the Material Plane, the Empyrean, the Maelstrom and the Abyss. Most details on this wiki detail the Material plane. The other planes are described below.


The golden realms of the gods. Also known as the Astral plane. This is also home to the Dream Lattice, which has two manifestations: Faerie, the realm of dreams, and Umbra, the realm of nightmares.

The Maelstrom

A chaotic realm where the raw elements swirl and bleed into each other. The corpses of the four primordial titans form distinct regions here.


The realm of fiends. There are two major broods of fiends: the Moloch’ka (also called demons) and the Keb’ka (also called devils.) There are more broods, but they are minor and dominated by the other two. There are many portals to other worlds in the Abyss, but only fiends of CR 5 and lower may enter them. Any more powerful fiends must be summoned by mortal summoners.