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Dragons are a hivelike species like bees. The have four castes: worker, warrior, drone and queen. If dragons are like bees, meat is their nectar and gold is their honey.


Goblinoids are a ubiquitous fungoid race whose reproductive strategy depends on being treated like a humanoid race. To outsiders, goblins look like suicidal cannibals - they eat the remains of those who are killed by their ritual dragon sacrifices, experiments with explosives, and bizarre medical practices (where a surgery that kills one goblin to save another is the norm.) There is method to their madness however.

Goblins have a genetic memory, and their spores spread only when they die. In addition, like nematodes if a goblin eats another goblin they gain some of the memories of the deceased goblin. This immortality and need to reproduce drives them to behaviors that would be irrational for an ordinary race.

Hobgoblins are thought to be a mutation or disease of the goblin species. Whatever they are, if a hobgoblin dies and is eaten by goblin, that goblin gains the hobgoblin’s memories and starts to get bigger. However, if a hobgoblin eats another hobgoblin, something goes wrong and they become the antisocial bugbears. Nobody knows what happens if a bugbear eats another bugbear.

The Demihuman Races

The Demihuman races are a species consisting of four base races: dwarves, elves, humans and orcs. Although each of the races have huge differences among themselves, their ability to interbreed and produce fertile offspring is a testament to the truth that they belong to a single underlying species.


The above chart shows how the species are related. Close relatives of the demihuman races are the great apes and ogres. Ogres can actually have infertile offspring with members of the demihuman races (most commonly orcs and humans.)

Other offshoots of the demihuman races are:


The aboleths have been been waiting patiently in the dark, terraforming the world to be more comfortable to them. In all they have created: