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The Three Triads


(Aspects appear in italics after the god they are an aspect of.)

GodAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Saine, god of the day sky and travel, ruler of the godsNTempest, LightA golden sun
Aita, goddess of spring and rebirthLEDeathBlack ram
Endia, goddess of wisdom and civilizationLGKnowledge, WarAn open eye
Enthera, goddess of agricultureCGLife, NatureA cresent moon
Fufluns, god of mirth and wineCNLife, TrickeryA cup
Tarchon, god of wrathCEDeathA cup
Keb, demon god of earth and strifeCE(Fiend)inverted triangle with strikethrough
Mana, god of order and creationLNLife-
Miela, goddess of balance and lifeNLifeA white dove
Moloch, devil god of fire and conquestLE(Fiend)triangle
Neikos, god of chaos and destructionCNDeath, TempestA black, five-pointed star
Termagant, daemon goddess of ice and famineNE(Fiend)triangle with strikethrough
Yuni, triple goddess of the night sky and oceanN(See below)The moon in various phases
Nyneve the Maiden, goddess of youth and the huntNGNatureA bow
Raya the Mother, goddess of fertility and loveCGLifeA seashell
Lunata the Crone, goddess of death and magicCEDeath, KnowledgeThe moon in various phases
DemigodsAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Saint Bodicaa????????
Saint Gideon????????
Saint Maeva????????
Usumgallu, the sword idolLNWarA sword
Zamug, dragon god of the north starNGLife, KnowledgeA black star
Zimudar, dragon god of the south starNGLife, NatureA white star
PatronsAlignmentSuggested DomainsSymbol
Humbaba, father of giants and goblinoidsCE(Archfey)A lion head
Jack in the Green (the Green Man)CE(Archfey)A green face
Queen Mab and the Erlking of the UnseelieCE(Archfey)A snowflake
Queen Titania and King Oberon of the SeelieCG(Archfey)A leaf
Great Old OnesAlignmentDomainSymbol
Apophis, elder god of darkness and night[Great Old One]A flaming snake
Leviathan, elder god of the primordial sea[Great Old One]
Behemoth, elder god of the firmament[Great Old One]
Simurgh, elder god of the void sky[Great Old One]
Termagant, elder goddess of motherhood[Great Old One]
Chronos, elder god of time[Great Old One]Ouroboros
Ananke, elder goddess of inevitability[Great Old One]Infinity symbol
Miela, elder goddess of compassion[Great Old One]
Solar Gods
Istanos, god of sun, natural law and social orderLGLightSolar disc
Zanus, god of thunder, storms and warCGTempest, WarHammer
Velchans, god of hearth, ritual fire and craftNGKnowledge, LightAnvil
Alazon, god of cooking and prosperityNGTrickeryA gold coin
Vedyov, god of plant growth and healthCGKnowledge, Life, NatureAn asterisk
Sancus, god of breath and oathsLGLifeA staff
Fertility Gods
Yuni, triple goddess of the moon, beasts and the oceanNTempest, LightTriple goddess symbol
Lunata, crone goddess of the wisdom and magicCEKnowledgeA setting moon
Raya, mother goddess of love and fertilityCGLight, TempestA sea shell
Nyneve, maiden goddess of youth and the huntNGLife, NatureBow and arrow
Fufluns, horned god of fertility, wine, the arts, and mirthCNTrickery, NatureHorned god symbol
Enthera, goddess of agricultureNGLifeSummer Oak Tree
Aita, goddess of vegetation and rebirthCGLife, NatureA seed
Other Gods
Household Gods
Nature Spirits

Big Religion Chart

ReligionOrigin & HistoryAdherents WorldwideGod(s) and UniverseHuman Situation and Life’s PurposeAfterlifePracticesTexts
Druidism--The godhead is worshiped as the Lady, Lord and Beast. Nature, and various nature spirits are reveredTo live in harmony with natureReincarnation (Faerie←>Mortal World)Not wearing clothing made of metal.None.
Dodekatheism--A pantheon of 12 gods.-Memoryless shade in the Netherworld. Empyrean for the faithful in mystery cults. Abyss for great sinners.-

Guardian Spirits

Upon death, a spirit that doesn’t become undead has two options: become a guardian spirit or move on. If the spirit moves on it is believed to go to whatever afterlife it was destined for. If the spirit becomes a guardian spirit then it attaches itself to a particular location or idol. A guardian spirit cannot be raised from the dead, except by a Wish.

A guardian spirit is essentially a weak diety. They are rarely powerful enough to grant more than 2nd level clerical spells, but what they lack in power they make up for in personal attention. Once a year, a worshiper of a guardian spirit may perform an hour long ritual near the spirit and receive the benefits of a Commune spell. During this communion, the spirit may bestow a charm (see DMG pg 228) if the worshiper is deemed worthy.

If multiple spirits attach themselves to the same location or idol, they become a single guardian spirit that grows in power. If the location or idol they are attached to is destroyed, their worshippers have a year to rehouse the spirit or they will fade away from the world.


After a creature dies, their soul lingers around the ethereal plane for four years. Then one of the following occurs (usually based on the beliefs of the deceased on their death):

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