Black Spider’s Revenge

6 months after the defeat of Chlorothra…

The Manor House –improvements including the rebuilding the top level of the house. Pretty much can get hands on almost any mundane equipment. Common and uncommon potions and scrolls are available. The Anvil is just now in operation. Some uncommon magic items are available. Rare and higher magic items will need to be made.

Sildar Messages the group. The Black Spider has escaped from the Peninsula Prison along with some other dangerous prisoners. How he escaped has not yet be determined but we suspect magic was somehow involved.

Flynrich calls from the Screen-Scroll

This is not good. As soon as I heard the news I began to search for him. My Scrying is not showing him on this plane which could one of several things has happened – A high level cast nondetection spell, a magic item such as Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location, or he is no longer on the prime material plane. I will need more time to search for him. I do not believe he is strong enough currently to make any move on me so far. Yet, we must keep our guard up.

But there are things we can do in the meantime. There are magical anomalies I would like for you all to check out for me. These anomalies I believe are things that Nezznar will be trying to collect in order to gain power quickly. If we can cut some or all of these off either by destroying the anomaly or somehow putting it to use for us before he can get his hands on them we will be that much more prepared for when he makes his assault.

The first of these is an item referred to as the Vessel of Endless Wastes. What little I know of it are by way of rumors in texts that speak of Deldrammon, its possible creator and most certainly the last known person to have it in his possession. Deldrammon was a great thaumaturgist that was feared by many but his fondness for secrets led him to sequester himself away. And over time his memory faded. Yet, tales of a Hideaway of his persist. His tower is now all but ruins yet there may be clues there to Deldrammon’s whereabouts, this Hideaway and to where the Vessel of Endless Wastes may now be located. His ruined tower is just outside of the small village of Northswold, a ways northeast from Neverwinter just on the edge of The Spine of the World Mountains. It is between Luskan and Mirabar. You may want to ask the villagers of Northswold what that may know about the ruins and Deldrammon.

What about Chlorothra? Any ideas where he may be? asked Thalaniel

I am not able to scry him either. This does not surprise me having a good idea what he is transitioning into. That makes him the bigger threat than Nezznar currently even if he is not at his strongest. He is an unknown factor to me other than his collaboration with Nezznar. I have put Mattwise/Nameless on the task to find information on him.

Once you are ready to go you can teleport to Neverwinter and travel to Northswold. Or they can teleport to the Host Tower of the Arcane an abandoned tower that was once both an academy for magical training for the Arcane Brotherhood and a political and economic power within the city Luskan. The tower was almost totally destroyed when the lich Greeth decided to destroy a Staff of the Magi resulting in a large explosion. Fortunately enough magic remained to power the Tower portal. Since then Luskan has not held the same weight as it once did along the Sword Coast. In some people’s eyes Luskan is considered to be the last civilized town of the Spine of the World Mountains even though Ten Towns in Icewind Dale has a good and varied population. Probably because the belief that barbarians are not civil has led to this rumor. Be careful at the Tower as there are rumors that it is haunted but you all should be okay.


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