Recap April 12, 2019

After a brief discussion, they decided to head towards the area where the sea trolls occupied. As they were leaving the boat a small group of people were on the docks. One man stepped forward and pointed and shouted at the group “Those are the ones I saw stealing from my boat, not just 20 minutes ago.” Several guards that had not been around when the group first arrived to speak to Kontar asked if this was true. The group said that they had been below this very shipped talking to Kontar and his associates for the past hour at least. The main who had accused them of stealing mumbled something about “oh is that the case” and then shouted “Get them! She arises!” He pulled out a crossbow and shot at Thalaniel but he missed. The other rushed forward but Mason cast Shatter and took them out. Suddenly around 20 more attacks came from inside buildings, rooftops and other boats, all dressed in cult attire and joined in the attack. The cultists did not last long and soon all had been defeated. The group dusted themselves off and then went in search of the sea trolls.

The road became a boardwalk stretching across part of the inlet that led out to the open sea. They saw no animals let alone people. It was quiet, too quiet. They came to a bridge and as soon as they stepped on it they heard a voice in broken common: “Pay the toll….Or…” They refused to pay the toll and instead tried to talk to the troll about moving on to another area away from Luskan. The troll was having none of it saying this was a good place for him and his friends and that they would not leave and that the toll must be paid. The group attacked.

3 large trolls climbed up on the bridge and one climbed up down the docks near the empty boat landing. An extra large trail wielded a viscous chain, swirling it about his body. It had barbs on it that grabbed one’s flesh when it hit. The group moved in to attack. Several good hits on both sides led to a stalemate of sorts. Gilbee cast darkness which gave benefit to Thalaniel, Stumbleduck and himself as they could see in magical darkness. Mason and Susan were not so lucky. Yet Susan got a couple of attacks in on the leader troll. The trolls dove into the water below the bridge making splashing noises for those who could not see. Mason cast Control Water and formed a whirlpool where he remembered seeing the trolls before Darkness was cast. Suddenly the trolls were back on land near where the dock ended and the road started up. They moved towards Mason and Stumbleduck. Gilbee and Thalaniel went to assist them but Susan went for the lone troll who had come back out of the water with a giant heavy crossbow. It fired a shot but the mechanism jammed and he threw it to the side and moved towards Susan. Mason, Stumbleduck, Gilbee and Thalaniel focused on the larger chain wielding troll. It took a lot of damage but was still standing. Thalaniel critted with his vorpal sword and the troll’s head fell off. The troll stooped over to pick it up but was hit was other damage and it dropped to the ground. They turned to focus on the other trolls nearby when they noticed the leader troll had replaced its head and was once again standing and attacking the group. Gilbee shouted, kill it with fire or acid. Susan dropped the troll on her and used flint and tinderbox to catch it on fire. Stumbleduck used fire blot to catch the big troll on fire and Mason used flint and tinderbox to set the last troll on fire. Soon they were all piles of ash leaving behind a few small trinkets, the vicious chain and the giant heavy crossbow.

The group decided to go to Kirat’s Guard next. This encounter went a bit smoother. When the group told them to leave on behalf of Kontar, they were told to leave. To go and find the sea trolls. Kirat’s Guard laughed until the group said we just defeated them. Mason showed them the troll leader’s chain. Kirat’s Guard instantly changed tone and soon they were packing up to leave. Kirat stepped forward and said that they would report to Kontar the following morning. Kirat’s Guard would become part of Kontar’s forces.

The group set off to find the North Tower Gang. The found the North Tower and saw groups of 2-3 thugs with pikes marching in formations in a large field full of ruins of walls and possibly other towers. The thugs shouted to the group to get off their property, that this was their land and they were not going to give it up no matter what Kontar said or Kontar sent. Gilbee cast Plant growth causing all normal plants in a 100-foot radius centered on that point become thick and overgrown. Their speed was cut down to 1/4 of its normal. Thalaniel cast Cone of Cold and while it did not drop any of the thugs they were suddenly very cold. They were also getting out of the North Tower area as quickly as they could. The group did not follow them.

The group went back to Kontar’s boat and gave him an update. Kontar had already heard some of the news. He was pleased and thanked them and gave them Volume 1 of An Avatar’s Tools: The Histories of Divine Artifacts Through the Ages. He then said “My duties here are great. I am not sure if I will be able to assist in the coming battles against the Dragon Cultists. But, if I am able when the time comes, I will send who I can.” They thanked him and then they headed back to Waterdeep.

Having all three volumes of “An Avatar’s Tools: The Histories of Divine Artifacts Through the Ages”, Stumbleduck and Mason decided to head back to Neverwinter to conduct research on the dragon masks and Tiamat’s ritual with Sanura Hadad. Thalaniel stayed in Waterdeep looking for magic items that would be beneficial to the group. At night, he cast Dream and had conversations with Shortlock on the dragon cultists and the coming big battle. Susan did some pickpocket around town and then went to see the Harpers for additional training. She also thought about possible magic items that she could purchase. Gilbee travled back to the Feywild to purchase some Brewer’s tools and then went to his favorite fishing spot and fished (cannot remember if he did this in the Feywild or in Waterdeep.

Mason received a message through the Sending spell:

Mason and Eridanus

We are sorry to inform you that upwards of 25% of your assets have been carried off by members of the Dragon Cult. This has happened at various locations of our financial institution. Since your assets are not all in one area, 100% of them are not missing. We are doing everything in our power to get these funds back but the process may take some time. Please take our sincerest apologies. We hope that this does not affect our business relationship going forward.

This message has also been sent to your last address that we have file.

Mason and Stumbleduck went to Neverwinter and with the assistance of Sanura Hadad uncovered the following over 3 days of research:

• Each dragon mask is a legendary wondrous item that reshapes to fit the face and head of a wearer attuned to it. While you are wearing any dragon mask and attuned to it, you gain a number of benefits including but not limited to the following:

• You can speak and understand Draconic. You also have advantage on any Charisma check you make against dragons that share the mask’s color.

• While you are wearing no armor, you can add your Charisma bonus to your Armor Class.

• You have resistance against the mask’s damage type. If you already have resistance to that damage type from another source, you instead have immunity to that damage type. If you already have immunity to that damage type from another source, whenever you are subjected to damage of that type, you take none of that damage and regain a number of hit points equal to half the damage dealt of that type.

They also brought back the fake green dragon mask in hopes they could learn about the real one. They found this:

• The mask’s damage type is either poison or acid. • You can breathe underwater or are able to walk to water

• One section in the book said that Tiamat was not a god. She had lost her divinity 1000s of years ago and was now a powerful undead.

• The ritual to bring Tiamat back had never been completed

• Only three times in the history of Faerun had all 5 Dragon Mask been brought together to form the Mask of the Dragon Queen

• The dragon masks were created by Tiamat herself. She had seen the future imprisonment and had created them to help in retrieving her from the Nine-Hells.

• Another passage read that the dragon masks were used by the cult back when it focused on raising dracoliches. The masks were used to aid in the harvesting of dragons to aid in the creation of the dracoliches.

• For some unknown reason, all dragons at the end of their life, traveled to what is called the Well of Dragons to die.

• There are actually two rituals involved in bringing back Tiamat. The first one brings back her Temple and requires the following but limited to the following steps and components: At least 500,000gp, blessed by a cleric of Tiamat The bodies of at least 50 Huge Earth Elementals, soaked in the blood of enough devils to turn the earth into a thick mud where the temple would rise from. At least 50 mortal humanoids of good alignment, who will be sacrificed during the ritual by one of each color adult or ancient chromatic dragon.

(I think that is all you discovered. Let me know if I left anything off and I will add it)

The third day of research was long and tedious. They kept finding information that they already knew. While it gave them hope that what they had found was authentic, it bothered them that they were not finding more. Mason and Stumbleduck decided a break of a few days was needed.

Suddenly a message from a Sending spell was heard in all of the group’s head. The voice was only recognized by Thalaniel. It was Sister Gaerale from Phandalin.

“Please. Come help. Phandalin is under attack by the Dragon Cultists.”

They dropped what they were doing, regrouped in Waterdeep and prepared to teleport to Phandalin.