Recap April 18, 2019

The group had received a messages from Sister Garaele, a cleric of Tymora who led the Shrine of Luck in Phandalin. Phandalin was under attack by the dragon cultists.

The group dropped what they were doing and prepared to go to Phandalin. They took one of the portals in Waterdeep and teleported to the Manor House. It was really quiet but there was a feeling of unease, like there was someone or something lurking just on the outside of their peripheral vision…It was Gundren. He said was he ever glad to see them. The attack had been began not too long ago. Gundren, Daran, and Garaele decided to throw secrets out the window and try to get everyone they could to the Manor house using either the secret entrance or the main entrance. Once their they could be led into the mines which they deemed was the best place for everyone to hide. Gundren and his brothers and Daran and Nars were able to save most of the village. Unfortunately some of the townsfolk were separated and as far as I know still in the village.

Garaele is in her house. Gundren fears that the Shrine of Luck has been destroyed

Nars’ mother Mirna and sister Nilsa are at Edermath Orchard House Halia Thornton is at her home beside her business, the Phandalin Miner’s exchange Barthen and Lanar are in the Sleeping Giant. Grista, the bartender there, has not been seen in a few days. We suspect that she knew about the attack and left town.

Gundren then said that the following are on fire:

The fields, Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, the Town Green, Barthen’s Supplies, Shrine of Luck, and the Townmaster’s Hall.

The could do only a small number of things:

Search and Rescue - attempt to save the remaining townfolk Defend the Town - fight off the cultists, including humans and half dragons and other members of the dragon cult Take on the wyrmlings - defeat the large number of red dragon wyrmlings who are trying to set the village on fire.

They decided on doing Search and Rescue and then focus on Defending the Town. If they killed some wyrmlings along the way, that will just be icing on the cake.

They looked out over the smoking village of Phandalin and developed a route. They would go to the Sleeping Giant, then to Edermath Orchard House, Sister Garaele’s house and then finally stopped by Halia’s home. They left the manor house and made it to around 60ft from the Sleeping Giant. They saw 9 dragon cultists attempting to break into the building. Thalalniel remembered he tried to throw a bottle through the front windows but they would not break. Susan and Thalaniel would sneak around the building to surround the cultists. Thalaniel was spotted and combat broke out. Susan did make it around to the other side and took out one cultist but was hit by another and the poison in the blade incapacitated her. The group focused on a the green half-dragon and one that seemed to be a priest. Mason cast Spirit Guardians that took several of the cultists. It did not take long and soon the cultists were defeated. But they were not care and they were seen by two more cultists. Those two fell as Mason cast Lesser Restoration on Susan. Gilbee escorted Barthen and Lanar to the manor house while the rest of the group did some healing and then they all headed out to Edermath Orchard while

They were sneaky enough this time that cultists did not know they were there until they were hit. Another group of nine were trying to get into the Edermath house with little success. Susan and Thalaniel came around to the right of the house and attacked the two that were standing there. The rest of the group charged straight ahead focusing on the green half dragon. This group fell much quicker than the last. Mirna and Nilsa were fine as well. Thalaniel asked where the boy was. Mirna said Nars was Daran’s assistant and they were assisting villages get to the Manor House. It was a longer trip back to the Manor house this time. They decided to go to Sister Garaele’s house and get her. Then put all three of them on the two brown bears and one giant boar and have them ride to the Manor House.

Mirna and Nilsa each rode on a bear and the group took the small path that led from Edermath to the Shrine of Luck. The could see the Shrine of Luck was indeed destroyed but they could not see what shape Garaele’s house was in until they got closer. They saw 5 cultists and 2 red wyrmlings surrounding the house. They attacked focusing on the wyrmlings. Nameless summoned a water elemental to attack on one of the wyrmlings. Susan and Gilbee surrounded that one and soon it fell. Thalaniel crept around the house and attacked from the other side raising a specter to fight for him against the other wyrmling. The wyrmling attacked the specter until the specter was defeated. Stumbleduck and Mason stayed with Mirna and Nilsa but were able to provide ranged spells and attacks for support. Soon the wyrmlings and the cultists were defeated.

Nameless called out to Sister Garaele and she came to the door decked out for battle. She said I could not do it by myself but together we can see about the others and then hopefully get rid of these cultists from Phandalin.

The group would make a run for it with Mirna and Nilsa on the brown bears. They did not even get a start when they saw the large shadow come over one side of the village. They heard it before they even looked up. An adult red dragon was flying overhead and it looked to be headed towards the Manor House.

Nameless cast teleport and he along with Sister Garaele teleported to the Manor House with Mirna and Nilsa. They would get them to the mines and then come back out to meet the others to face the red dragon at some point between the Manor House and Phandalin.

Nameless said we are not running this time.