Recap August 24, 2018

The group had a good rest before contacting V and Reid to send them about a mile outside of Boareskyr Bridge to check on the whereabouts of Varram. Reid and V greeted them and then V said “We have additional information about Varram. He is a gold dwarf, usually is dressed in purple robes and favors a staff as a weapon. His full name is Varramzord. He is to be considered armed and dangerous.”

They thanked her again for the information and then they were teleported to about a mile outside of Boareskyr Bridge. They their way down the road toward the bridge and soon they saw why it is considered a major landmark. Constructed of black granite, it bears sculpted images of the deities Cyric and Bhaal, commemorating the legendary battle they fought on the bridge during the Time of Troubles. Crossing the bridge they realized that Boareskyr Bridge was little more than a way station settlement, a collection of tents, wagons and caravans providing food, fresh mounts, and other services to travelers. Off to the left and on a hill a newly built keep maintained by the paladins of Elturgard keeps watch over the tent city. Asking for food and shelter, the group was pointed to Bolo’s Tentside Inn, a rough-and-tumble establishment set up in a large pavilion near the center of Boareskyr’s tent city.

They enter the pavilion and a waitress directs them towards a table or they can go over to the bar if they like. Behind the bar they see a halfling woman, serving food and drinks and talking to a number of the customers. She is either taller than normal or is standing on something behind the counter as they can see her from the waist up as she moves up and down the bar. She welcomes them and asks if they would like a drink or some food. Saldon asked what the special was and she replied “Pheasant. Caught yesterday.” He said I will take it and I will also have an ale. Mason asked if she had mutton. She did. It was salted to be taken on the road but she warmed it up and it was tasty. Thoravil asked if she had any elven wine. She said not as much as I would like but she did have a nice vintage of last year from Neverwinter. It especially goes well with Neverwinter cookies. Thoravil reaches into his Bag of Holding and pulls out a bag of cookies and and shared them with her. She then took and then said I am sorry, where is my manners. My name is Bolo. Welcome to Bolo’s Tentside Inn. They enjoyed the wine and the cookies. Saldon used minor illusion to create cookies under his hat. They started to spill out. A girl approached him and asked if he was a bard. He said he was not. And she said, oh. Sorry to have bothered you. My father is always looking for entertainers and I saw that you produced cookies and I thought you might be a bard. They group made small talk with Bolo and Saldon since Saldon was the newest member of the adventuring company. He mentioned that someone was looking for him, someone that had wrong him. Thoravil said we are all looking for someone. Bolo looked off into the distance and sighed saying in a whisper, Beauford…Mason and Thoravil hear her. Thoravil said I know him. We used to adventure together but he left to roam about. Must be 7 months now since I have seen him. Bolo said, 5 months was the last time he was here. He is something else. They all agreed and then she asked. What brings you travelers this way?

We are looking for someone. A dwarf, a gold dwarf, wears lots of purple. May have had staff.

“A dwarf in purple robes? Oh, I saw him. He was asking about escorts into the hills, when this hooded fellow starts asking him his business. The dwarf looked him straight in the eye, then pulled out his dagger and stabbed the tall fellow dead! He was one of the scaled folk of the Serpent Hills, come down to spy on us! That dwarf’s a hero, make no mistake. But he and his entourage took off straight away for the hills then, quick as cats! Why he was going there I have no idea. He had around a dozen people with him, including a handful of cloaked and hooded warriors. I could see their beards. They must be barbarian mercenaries. He hired a few more mercenaries from our tent city and went off into the hills. That way.

She paused…You are not going to hurt him, are you? He is a hero but killing the scaly one sent to spy on his. Promise me. Thoravil says, I cannot promise you. We need to find him. Saldon says We need to find him to see if he has information that we need. It is very important. Nameless nods. Mason says, it is not our aim to hurt anyone. She says ok and they finished their meal and have a conversation about wine, cookies and travels on the road.

About an hour later, they left. They estimated it would take about 2 days, traveling around 65 miles. They could make good time, the weather was good and they were following a large party that they could follow easily. They traveled about 6 more hours before they stopped and made camp.

Saldon set up his tent and went to sleep

Nameless rolled out his sleeping bag and went to sleep.

Mason took the first watch. All was quiet.

Thoravil took the second watch. Halfway through his watch, Thoravil heard movement in the woods across the road from where they had made camp. He could hear low voices but he could not make out the what they were saying. He moved a little closer and could hear the voices but could not understand the language. He called out to them, first in common, then in elvish and finally in draconic. They responded back to him in the language he did not understand but it was obvious that they could understand him. Thoravil said if one of you, respond once, of two of you, respond twice. He heard laughter and then a dozen or more responses and then more laughter. Thoravil says there is not that many of you. Come out so we can talk. Now, only silence. He repeated, come out. If we are going to fight let us do it so we can see each other and do it fairly.

Suddenly a boulder flew out of the trees crashing down on Nameless who at the last minute woke up and was able to get out of the way escaping with only minor scrape. He went into defensive mode trying to figure out where the attack came from. Another boulder flew into their camp knocking over Saldon’s tent but Saldon was quick and he was able to get out of the way. He too started to look around for where the attack was coming from. Thoravil woke Mason up and told him what was going on that they were being attacked by giants of some kind. Maybe 12 or more of them but probably 2 or 3 at most. Nameless decided to cast Light so they could see better what they were fighting. Thoravil said cast it on one of my crossbow bolts and I will shoot it in the direction I think the voice was coming from. He did and light up an areas of shrubs and tree about 80ft away in the woods. Meanwhile Saldon was sneaking across the road into the woods. He saw the Light spells and moved over closer and then he saw a hill giant with a boulder in each hand hiding. Saldon teleported to Thoravil and told him where the hill giant was located. Saldon then gave Thoravil his Broom of Flying and Thoravil took off just above the tree tops and he saw the hill giant. He motioned to the others where it was. Nameless flew up to join Thoravil. He then summoned an earth elemental to attack the hill giant. Thoravil shoot a bolt at the hill giant and then cast Guiding Bolt hitting hard and getting the hill giant’s attention. Saldon moved down the road the way they came from and another boulder landed between him and Mason. Saldon ran towards Thoravil and then teleported up the broom and told Thoravil there was another hill giant attacking. Mason turned to engage the hill giant and cast Guardian of Faith doing damage to the second hill giant. Saldon leapt down from the broom and attacked the first hill giant doing solid damage. Between the earth elemental attacking, Nameless casting Fire Bolt, Thoravil shooting his crossbow, the hill giant soon fell. They all turned to the second one with Saldon reaching Mason first and the two of them did enough damage to drop the second hill giant.

The rest of the night was quiet.

The next day they met two travelers carrying large backpacks and sacks walking down the road opposite the way they were going. It was a man and a woman. They made a wide berth around the group not wanting to disturb them. The group called out to them and after a brief conversation the group found out that these two had lost their farm and were taking what crops they had left to sell so they could try to start over. The woman asked if Mason would give them a blessing. Mason and Thoravil both gave them blessings. Mason gave them 100 gold. They would not take the coin at first. As they were leaving the group saw an extra spring in their step as they made their way to Boareskyr Bridge.

The next night was quiet as well.

The next morning they picked up the trail again. The road was now starting to go from a good sized road to more of a deer path. They saw a new path off to the right. There were around a doze or more footprints going in that direction. They figured they must have gone that way and went off. Soon they began to see parts of what was left of a great wall. As they looked about they that the wall created a large plaza with other crumbling buildings around the side of it. At the end of the plaza was a high cliff dotted with cave entrances. Some looked like residences, others looked like tomb. In the middle of the cliff about 40ft up stood two great doors. The entrance to the great tomb stands in what was once a large paved plaza. The remains of a fountain are now little more than a stone circle set around a crumbling hole in the ground leading to a well deep below. Two stone statues stand in the courtyard, rising twenty feet high. Behind them, a forty-foot high edifice is carved into the cliff side, dominated by relief columns carved with strange, otherworldly scenes. Below the cliff just to the right of the entrance they saw a small campsite with some light smoke rising up from a campfire. Saldon investigated the campsite. He found 3 bedrolls unrolled and ready for use, other camp material and a barely burning camp fire but it was the 7 freshly dug graves just outside of the camp that caught his attention. Saldon called the others over and they checked things out. They could get a good look at the statues now. The left-hand colossus is a bearded human male wearing exotic clothes, but its face is smashed beyond recognition. It holds a balance in its right hand and a cudgel at its side, its left hand raised as if in warning. The colossus to the right of the entrance is a young human male wearing similarly exotic clothing, the left half of its head cracked off and lying at its feet. The statue holds a shepherd’s crook in its left hand and a sword at its waist, its right hand raised in warning as well.As Saldon approached the statues, he heard the sudden sound of grinding stone. The colossal figures turned their massive heads, their shattered features stared down at him. Two voices issued forth in unison, boomed out as though erupting from the deep earth. “Halt. You come before Diderius, ether walker and conduit of clairvoyance. Behold ye now his wondrous triumphs. Diderius extends wisdom, and Diderius offers knowledge. Which do you seek?”

Saldon said wisdom.

They said, “Diderius shall grant you what you seek, but only if you heed him and continue to show proper respect!” They then reverted to their original positions. Saldon then climbed up the ladder and stood on the landing just before the great doors.

Thoravil, Mason and Nameless each approached the statues and had the same exchange with them that Saldon had. Soon, they too were on the landing before the doors. The doors were barely open but it was enough for them to be able to see inside. They saw a brightly lit antechamber with gilded carvings and several silver censers containing fires that were casting off the light that made the room so brightly lit.