Recap August 3, 2018

On the other side of the barricade were another 40 or more orcs all aiming crossbows at the group. That was when Mason noticed that these orcs had blue tattoos and not the red ones shown in the image.

The group lowered their weapons, discussed this finding and decided to leave, letting the orcs take care of their dead that were wrongly cut down.

The group decided to head back to Neverwinter and find Lord Vorgul’s messenger and hopefully the lord himself and get to the bottom of things.

The rain started to fall harder as they left the orc cave and complex. It went from a steady rain to a downpour to a full on storm with thunder and lightning. The returned to where they had left the horses but the horses were no longer there. It seemed to lessen the further away from the orc compound they went. They stopped for the night and made camp and Shepherd cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut. That evening, while on watch, Shepherd noticed movement and that someone or something was staking out their camp. He never got a good look at what it may have been. And in the morning, it was gone. But the next night he realized they were being watched again. This time the things were closer. They were large bear like creatures and it seemed that the rain did not bother them at all. There may have been little bolts of blue lightning close to these beast or maybe even associated with them but the group never got close enough to find out.

The rest of the trip to Neverwinter was uneventful. The rain slowed down as they approached the city but never completely stopped. The group decided to go to the House of 1000 Faces to see of the messenger was there. As they turned the corner on the street to where the inn was located they noticed that it was not raining on the building. Several guards complained about the rain and how it needed to make up its mind where it would fall and not fall.

The group entered and saw a very large man sitting at the bar. He was at least as big as Mattwise maybe larger. It was difficult to tell as he was sitting. Mason thought he saw blue tattoos on that man and may be little bolts of electricity but he could not get a good look to be sure. Bekah and Savitar made their way over to the bar and made small talk while the others waited to see what happened. The large man noticed the bow and sword that Bekah was carrying and said. “Nice weapons you have there. A brother of mine had similar weapons and he was killed not too long ago.” Bekah said that she was sorry to hear that. Savitar agreed. The conversation went back and forth like this for awhile. Then the large man said, we both know that you are not telling your whole story. Come with me and bring your friends, to one of the private dining areas on the second floor where we can speak more freely.

Bekah and Savitar relayed this to the others and they all sat at a large table. The large man spoke. “I am Osiris. Please tell me what is going on.” Shepherd started from the beginning when they were asked to find orcs with red tattoos by a messenger of Lord Vorgul’s. They followed the trail and unfortunately acted before making sure they had found the correct orcs. Once we realized what we had done we left and came back to try to find the messenger and maybe the Lord himself to see what was going on. That was when we ran into you and here we are.

Osiris says “Describe this messenger for me.” They do and he shakes his head. “You have been duped for that is Lord Vorgul himself acting as his messenger. I have had dealings with this man in the past. As far as I know he has no messengers that work for him. Only a group of thugs that carry out his dirty work. Sort of mix between bodyguards and mercenaries. The group asks him if he may know where he lives as he has had run-ins with him in the past. Osiris says he had a house in the wealthier district but it seems he no longer lives there. We may need to do some research on where to find him. It may be best to split up to cover more area. It was decided that Shepherd and Nameless would stay at the Inn and see what they could find, Mason and Eridanus would go to Mason’s temple to see if they could find out anything there. Osiris went with them. Savitar and Bekah went to see if they could find Thalaniel and then maybe go see The Family. While each found out different things about the Lord, they all received the same information: he was not liked by many people, found ways get out of agreements, never paid debts, may or may not be a mage of some talent and that he last lived in the wealthy part of town and may have some connection with another Lord named Lord Nessus. They decided to head to Lord Nessus’s house to see what they could find out. They approached the house and two guards were outside the house. The guards asked their business and the group asked to see Lord Nessus and told the guards why they needed to talk with him. One of the guards went inside and returned quickly. The guard said come inside. The Lord will see you. While the group went to talk to the Lord, Savitar made himself at home checking out the many room of the Lord’s house.

Lord Nessus said he did know Lord Vorgul. That he rented a house just down the road to him. And while he had “moved out” he would sometimes break in and stay at the house. The group asked his permission to enter the house in case Lord Vorgul was there. Lord Nessus gave them the key and said, Lord Vorgul owes me money. If you can deal with him I would appreciate it and I think many others would like it as well.

The group found the house and entered and began to explore. The group spread out to cover the house quicker. Exploring a back bedroom they found several magical items (please remind me what these are. I cannot remember.) As they were looking at the items, they heard the front door open. It was Lord Vorgul and 8 to 10 of his thugs. The group stayed in hiding and hit following Osiris’ lead. Several thugs were taken out quick, others tried to mount a defense around Lord Vorgul but it was no use. Lord Black was easily separated from his body guards and was quickly taken out by a variety of spells, melee and ranged attacks. He fell and after the group looted his body, Osiris said his goodbyes. At the front door were two giant owl bears radiating with lightning. Osiris said these are his friends. Several of the group gave their cut of the treasure to Osiris as forgiveness pay for what they had done to his tribe. He first refused but took it once he understood what they were doing. He then excited the front door. And for the first time in almost a week, it stopped raining.

The group stopped by Lord Nessus’s house to tell him the news. Mason, Eridanus and Nameless went together and bought Lord Vorgul’s old manor house. They group also went to tell the others they had spoken with that Lord Vorgul would not be a bother anymore.

The group then headed to the House of 1000 Faces and took the portal back to their Manor House just outside of Phandalin.