Recap August 31, 2018

Thoravil, Mason, Eridanus, Althea and Nameless each approached the statues and had the same exchange with them that Saldon had. Soon, they too were on the landing before the doors. The doors were barely open but it was enough for them to be able to see inside. They saw a brightly lit antechamber with gilded carvings and several silver censers containing fires that were casting off the light that made the room so brightly lit.

They investigated briefly. Then Eridanus walked forward and into the wall and disappeared. Mason saw that what they thought was real was really an illusion. It took Thoravil, Nameless and Althea a little longer but they soon saw through the illusion and found themselves in a room where looters had defaced and ruined the relief-carved walls. The censers were long gone. Set between the carvings were a dozen alcoves recognizable as funerary niches, though these contained only splinters of bone. At the far end of the chamber, a stone door hangs ajar. Marks on the door and frame indicated that it was recently forced.

After exploring the room and finding nothing, they moved on down the hall. Six statues stood here, all of cowled wizards leaning on staffs, their faces obscured by deep hoods. The hollows the hoods form are particulalry dark. Niches between the statues once held skeletal guardians that fought the cultists. The bones of more than a dozen humanoids now litter the ground.

In each of their heads they heard “Some secrets are not meant for mortal minds to know. Look away from the darkness in which such knowledge hides.” Eridanus was first and as soon as he came to about the middle of the room the sound of grinding stone announced the statues turning their cowled heads to follow the characters’ movements. They all kept their heads down and left the room quickly into the next.

This chamber is a high vaulted dome with a deep inset ledge circling the room, 10 feet wide and 15 feet up. The floor here is set with a beautiful tile mosaic showing a knight in plate armor wielding a glowing sword against a chimera. The word “S A F E ” is written in chalk on the door leading to the west. They started to explore but soon noticed that the mosaic tile chimera was starting to move. It peeled itself off of the floor and moved to attack. With swift attacks of melee, ranged and spells they soon took the tiled chimera down.

There was the door to the west with “SAFE” written on it. A set of double doors to the north. They seemed to be bulging out from the frame. And a passageway leading off to the southeast. The path started to decline about 20ft into the passage. They went to the door to the west. The door was unlocked and they went inside. In the center of the room was a well. A bronze bucket on a rope sits near the well, while an empty basin stands 8 feet up along the north wall, with stone steps leading up to it. A brass lever protrudes from the wall near the basin. The sides of the well and the floor next to it are covered in bright red mushrooms. They are slick with a watery sheen that resembles blood.

Thoravil asked Eridanus to check out the mushroom but he did not want to. Thoravil went over and drew some water from the well and poured into the basin and pulled the level. The water disappeared. He said I think we will need to come back here later once we do some more looking around.

Thoravil and Althea checked out the double doors to the north. Something was pressing on the double doors causing them to bulge. Althea and Thoravil pulled on the door handles and and a large rock slide fell on them but only caused them minimal damage. They could see a short hallway and another set of double doors. These were not bulging. Mason and Nameless look at the passageway going to the southeast but did not venture down it. The group pushed ahead through the next set of double doors.

This long gallery holds a pool. Broken arrows, bloodstains, and a dead body are strewn across the floor of the chamber. They slowly checked out the room with Eridanus moving closer to the empty pool. A stone sluice runs from the southern wall to empty into the pool. They decided to see if the water from the Well Room was coming here when it was poured into the basin. They made a chain with Eridanus nearest the empty pool and Nameless drawing the water and putting into the basin. As soon as they water hit the pool, it spread out and flared with a black light. Eridanus was intrigued and moved closer and was suddenly in a trance but quickly snapped out of it. They wanted to learn more about this and sent more water down. Eridanus was again put into a trance. He began to understand the world more accurately. Advantage on Intelligence checks for the next 24 hours). He later would say he felt insane but only briefly.

They did not learn anything else so Althea looked at the dead body. Flipping it over, she saw that he was dressed in the same Cult of the Dragon clothes they had seen before. She noticed that he did not from an arrow but from a familiar cut, a dagger made from dragon’s claw or dragon’s bone.

They moved onto the double doors to the north. These did not bulge either. Yet, when Thoravil and Althea opened them more rocks fell onto them. They took a little more damage this time. Moving the rocks aside they saw another passageway and another set of double doors. They cautiously opened them but no rocks fell this time. This 20ft high chamber was lit by braziers imbued with continual flame. A massive stone sarcophagus sits atop a stepped stone dais at center. The walls are decorated with life-sized frescoes showing the lost gods of Netheril and Anauria. The entire group was swept over by a sense that this was Didirius’ final resting place and it would be disrespectful to disturb anything here. Everything should remain as it is.

They did move into the room. Once they reached about 20ft in from the sarcophagus they heard “You approach Diderius in repose. Iknow what you seek. Yuan-ti have taken the one called Varram beyond their portal in the northern wall. Be prepared, for I shall open the way to peril.” The group looked around at each other and were about to speak but a moment later, with a chiming sound, a secret door opens revealing a passageway and two lizardfolk guards about 20ft away. They did not notice the group as they plowed into them killing them instantly. Once things calmed down, several more lizardfolk appeared in the passageway they saw to the east. Just beyond the first group was another group spread out across a bridge. Toward the back they saw a shadowed figure, its features resembling the stories they had heard about the yuan-ti. Eridanus moved forward and killed one of the lizardfolk and shadowed into the the lizardfolk’s body before its companions could see what was going on. Thoravil stayed at a attacking with his dwarven thrower. Althea stayed near a corner firing her bow. Nameless used utility spells to back the group up. Eridanus stood behind Thoravil and they worked together to make it look like Thoravil had cast Wall of Thorns down the bridge. The Wall was able to get 5 out of the six remaining lizardfolk but was not able to get the yuan-ti. Between the Wall of Thorns and a steady attack, the lizardfolk and soon the yaun-ti fell.