Recap February 1, 2019

Thoravil, Nameless, Mason and Gilbee were told that King Melendrach was back in Waterdeep and would like to see them. Everyone in the group can come with them.

King Melendrach thanks those four again and is introduced to their newest companions. The King tells them his son is now buried and there will be memorial later in the year on the anniversary of his Naming Day. Their presence is requested for the memorial.

Everyone but Thalaniel realized that Melendrach kept looking at Thalaniel.

King Melandrach says to Thalaniel, “You look familiar. What is your name?”


Thalaniel is it?. He smiles. I know your father. He is a good elf. We fought together in the second and third Crown Wars. This was before the Dark Disaster that doomed all of his people. It was not his fault but he blamed himself for deeds committed by his House. He is still alive. Of that I am sure. Last I heard he was heading to seek his fortune in Undermountain in hopes of finding another way back to the Underdark.

He reaches over into a large travel sack near the desk he is sitting at.

“Here, take this. Your father would want you to have it.”

Thalaniel reaches out and takes a monocle.

It is Nimbal’s Lens - This monocle has 3 charges. As an action, you can speak the lens’s command word and expend 1 charge. For the next 1 hour, you have truesight out to 120 feet when you peer through the lens.

The lens regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn.

It can also be used to read the magical mystery property deed. The deed is actually a pawnshop slip to Thimblewine’s Pawnshop in Skullport to retrieve The Wanderer’s Home.

Thalaniel asked the King if he knew where Skullport was located. The King replied, “Only rumors. It is said that it is somewhere below us. That is all I know. Perhaps some of the locals will know more about Skullport.

There was some downtime for the group so a good number of them went shopping including Susan. She was looking to purchase another rapier. She ended up getting two upgraded rapiers. As she went to pay for them she found a folded up piece of paper in her money pouch. It was a message to her and the group:

”If you would like to see your young friend alive again, bring 100pp worth of emeralds to the abandoned Sleeping Traveler Tavern and Inn between the two trees on the south road out of Waterdeep towards Daggerford and Baldur’s Gate.”

The group had some downtime and a number of them decided to go shopping. This included Susan who was looking to purchase another rapier. She ended up receiving two upgraded rapiers. As she was going to pay for the weapons, she found a folded up piece of paper in her money pouch that was not there the last time she put her hand in. It was a letter to her and the group:

”If you would like to see your young friend alive again, bring 100pp worth of emeralds to the abandoned Sleeping Traveler Tavern and Inn between the two trees on the south road towards Daggerford and Baldur’s Gate.”

At first they were not sure who this letter was talking about. Then it hit them. It must be the young man they rescued from the cage at the ruins they had just left. They had put him outside of the room after he passed out from seeing the undead in the tomb room.

They decided to try and find him. They made a deal with a jeweler in case they could get the boy without using the emeralds. Thoravil paid for 110pp of emeralds as a sign of good faith. They then rented horses for all and set to find the Sleeping Traveler Tavern and Inn. They stopped by the Yawning Portal and asked folks if they knew the Sleeping Traveler Tavern and Inn. It was well known as it is believed to be haunted.

They set out down the road. It only took three hours to get there. They approached the front door and found it locked but it did not have any traps. Thalaniel gave Susan the Dragon Bone Thieves’ Tools that they found in the tomb room. She was able to pick the lock quickly. They entered and found a main room to a tavern. Lots of broken furniture was scattered around the room. In the right corner was a bar. In the middle of the room was a door that looked like it opened to a set of stairs. The door was locked. There were two other doors, one to the left and one to the right. They went to the left door. It was not locked but it made a loud creaking noise when the opened it. Suddenly the door on the right opened and two Dragon Cultists ran out looking for a fight. Thalaniel and Thoravil tried to talk with them but they got nowhere. Soon, the cultists were defeated.

Susan and Thoravil went over and look at the locked door leading to the staircase. As they approached they all heard a noise coming from upstairs. Susan checked for traps and then unlocked the door. She checked for traps on the stairs and she found one. She set off a Sleep trap trying to disarm it but no one was put to sleep. As the top of the stairs they heard a girl scream at the end of a long hallway with 3 doors on each side of it. They ran down to the last door on the right. The door was also locked but Susan was able to pick it easily.

Inside the room is a large bed, the blankets old and dusty. There is also a nightstand next to the bed with a small painting on it, a dresser with a mirror, and another door. The small portrait on the nightstand shows two children standing with several adults, all garbed in black robes, in front of a doorway next to a fireplace that could be in “The Sleeping Traveler Tavern and Inn”. The only window in here is boarded up and, standing next to it, appears to be a girl covering her face.

They tried to talk to the girl to see if she was crying. She continues to sob and demanded them to leave her alone. Several of the group approached her and she revealed her true nature. She is some kind of very unfriendly spirit. Her face distorts and she lets out a horrible scream that caused the party to have to pause to cover their ears. She then attacked using her enfeeblement power on Thalaniel, her Chill Touch on Thoravil and then her Incorporeal Movement through Susan and Nameless. The group had her surrounded and she let out another howl casting necrotic damage Spirit Guardians on everyone in the room. And then she was gone.

They searched the room and found a walk in closet. Inside were a number of the black robes they had seen in the picture on the bed stand. They did not find anything else. They search each of the other rooms on the second floor but they did not find anything. They went back downstairs and searched the bar. They found nothing there as well. They searched the left room and then the right room where the found a secret door leading down. They crept down the stairs and found themselves in a hidden living room. On the far wall was a portrait that looked just like the one they found upstairs but no one was wearing the black robes. The portrait was above a mantle and fireplace.

Thoravil was convinced that the fireplace was the key to the mystery. Susan began searching the fireplace and found it was the portrait not the fireplace. She found a little lever and clicked into the on position. The portrait and the fireplace moved to the side to show another staircase going down into some kind of magical darkness. Darkvision was cut in half for all players but they could still see. All was an inky black. The stairs opened into a small room with an iron door on the other side. As the party approached the door, it creaked open loudly. The air became very cold as an expanding darkness began creeping into the room. Occasionally, shapes could be seen writhing within the darkness, as if it were actually a fluid rather than an absence of light: long claws, a flash of glowing red eyes, the gleam of fangs, wisps of smoke and flame.

Something was in there with them. A beast of shadow and flame and it attacked.

It was a half-shadow dragon fighter of some kind. It summoned 4 Dragonsoul shadow fighters at each corner of the room. Thoravil cast Spirit Guardians and was able to affect everyone in the room. Thalaniel attacked with his vorpal sword doing lots of damage to the half-shadow dragon but it still stood. Thoravil attacked with his throwing hammer as well as cast Spirit Guardians. Susan attacked with her duel rapiers doing a lot of damage to the cultists in such close quarters. Thalaniel cut off one of the dragonsoul cultits’ heads. Soon all of the dragon cultists had been defeated.

The iron door swung open once more and on the far wall was the young man, manacled to the wall. Susan picked but the lock to his arms and the lock to his legs and soon he was free. He began to relax especially once they had him outside in the sun. He told them his name was Peter and that he lived on a farm just outside the walls of Waterdeep near the South Gate. His parents were Elias and Olva Mabbett. They retrieved their horses and set off to return Peter to his family. As they approached the house, the front door opened and his father saw his son and was overjoyed. Peter had been missing for several weeks. His father went into the house and brought back a large sack. Inside were 800gp of rabbit pelts. The group did not want to take them. Peter’s parents said we were going to use these to pay for his funeral. Please, take them. We can get more. Thoravil reached into the sack of emeralds and pulled out a handful. Take these. They were to be used to pay his ransom but we ended up not needed them. They are yours now. The Mabbetts took the emeralds and wished the group a good day.

As the group was heading towards the South Gate they heard a yelling: “The dragons rise!” “We are unstoppable!” Looking around they saw: 25 dragonclaw culists, 5 dragonwing cultists, 1 dragonsoul cultist, a kobold-headed demon with some dragon characteristics and the young blue dragon that had flown off a day or two earlier at the tomb. They were all moving into to attack.

Thoravil cast Sending to Lady Larael. It did not go through. He thought she must have some kind of protection. He then sent another Sending to King Melendrach. He replied we are on our way. The group also saw City Guards, City Watch and Griffon Riders coming towards the impending battle near the South Gates of Waterdeep.