Recap February 8, 2019

The Big Battle

30 plus Dragon Cultists

1 Dragonsoul, Dragon Cultist officer

1 Kobold-headed demon

1 young blue dragon

1 Elf archmage

Craziness abounded as fighting took place in front of the South Gates of Waterdeep. Everyone at the battle fell at least once but Nameless. Some fell more than once. There were good healers but in some cases people were not completely back up until the fight was over.


Nameless used the Rod of Rulership charming several of the Dragon Culists including the young blue dragon. At the end of the battle, they sent the young blue dragon out to sea.

The archmage was really an Adult Black Dragon in its humanoid form. It was the one that did a lot of the damage to the group and others involved in the battle.

The kobold-headed demon summoned several more kobold-headed demons. There was at least four that were called.

The group did win in the end. The Black Dragon teleported away as the last demons were defeated.

Several City Watch and City Guard including 3 Griffon riders were killed.

The City of Waterdeep commended the group for their actions. Stumbleduck and Susan were extended invitations to join the Harpers and then they received rewards for their actions. Gilbee was asked to join the Emerald Enclave and he and Mason received rewards for his service from the Emerald Enclave. Nameless and Thoravil received rewards from the Lords’ Alliance for their service.

Several days after the great battle, a note arrived for Gilbee at Waterdeep Castle. It read:

“You don’t know me, but we can help each other immeasurably. My name is Iskander, and I made a terrible mistake in joining the Cult of the Dragon. The cult’s horrifying plans are sure to bring doom to all, but I can stop those plans with your help. Rescue me from the cult’s clutches, and I will deliver to you the prize of prizes: the Blue Dragon Mask. Without it, Severin faces an insurmountable setback in his effort to call Tiamat back to our world. The mask is here in Xonthal’s Tower, being studied and guarded by only a handful of wizards, including myself.

“The danger of my treason becoming known grows with every passing day, and if I’m discovered, I’ll surely be killed. Please hurry, for the sake of everyone and everything you value.”


Gilbee shared the letter with the others and they shared the letter with a small group of the Waterdeep Council. Through Divination it was determined that this Iskander was telling the truth but several members of the group wanted to do more research both of Iskander and Xonthal’s Tower.