Recap January 11, 2019

Thoravil - wood elf cleric

Mason - human cleric

Gilbee - eladrin warlock/sorcerer

Nameless - dragonborn sorcerer

Stumbleduck - gnome warlock

Susan - half orc rogue

The group had a light meal and then decided to explore Waterdeep before getting a good rest. As they were leaving, Reidoth approached them with a side quest. There had been word of a cache located about a day out of Waterdeep somewhat near Amphail in the low mountains/hills. There is reason to believe that there may be items here that would prove useful in our fight against the dragon cultists. Or, if we get to them first, that would mean that much less that the cultist can now use for their plans. We believe the structure to be ancient and we are not sure who the original creators were, perhaps Netheril. We are not sure what to expect to go as prepared as you can. Thank you again.

They finished their meals and asked on how to get to Old Xoblob’s Shop so they could spend their 25gp gift certificates. Reid said he thought it was in the Dock District. He told them to hail one of the many magical buses that helped take people around the city. The driver should know where the shop is exactly located.

They made it to the shop. They could not miss it. It was purple. The sign above the door was purple and on it was a purple beholder. Thoravil was not sure he wanted to enter a shop with a beholder on the sign outside of it. The others insisted and they entered. They were all taken back a bit as they saw the stuffed beholder in the window as they entered the front door. They looked around and the entire shop was shelves and counters full of knick-knacks and curiosities. And they were all purple. Every shade of purple they had ever seen and a few they had never heard of before coming into the shop.

A cloud of lavender-scented purple smoke trails out of the shop’s door as you peer inside. Every wall is painted purple, and every dusty knickknack on the shelves is dyed a deep violet. The hairless old gnome sitting cross-legged on the counter wears plum-colored robes. His cheeks are decorated with nine purple face-painted eyes. The gnome lowers a pipe and exhales a cloud of lavender smoke before raising a hand. “Hail and well met! Come browse the shelves of the most curious curiosity shop in the world! I see you are concerned about the eye tyrant in the window. I am Xoblob but no relation to him!” he said pointing to the stuffed purple beholder in the window.

The group began to look around the shop at the odd items that he had for sale. They had not been in there long when Susan noticed movement outside but she could not get a fix on what it was. Gilbee too noticed and went to look out the front door. Thoravil noticed this and went to look also. Gilbee saw two men in black capes wandering around in front of the shop. By the time Thoravil was at the door one of the men had gone out of sight. Thoravil walked right out the front door and spoke loudly to the one remaining man. “Why be sneaky, just come out and attack us why don’t you.” The man began to remove his cape. Nameless came over to see what was going on and realized a fight was about to start. He thought may be he should look up. He saw three more men all in the same black capes beginning to remove them. He recognized the leather armor below. There were Dragon Cultists!

The three cultists removed their capes and began to jump off the roof of Old Xoblob’s. Several more cultists appeared from the alleys and began their attacks. They were using scimitars for up close attacks. One cultist, a female emerged from an alley holding an orb. She opened her mouth and breathed lightning onto Thoravil, Nameless and Stumbleduck who had just come out of Old Xobolob’s. Nameless took the brunt of it. Thoravil cast Spirit Guardians and began to take down the group of cultists. Susan used her longsword to attack the closest cultists. Gilbee and Stumbelduck moved towards the female cultist but she flew up above them and breathed her lightning breath once again. It only took a few more minutes for the cultists on the ground to be defeated. Then with the entire party focused on the flying cultist; Thoravil with Spirit Guardians and throwing his hammer, Susan and Mason attacking with their crossbows, Gilbee sending his shadow hound to nip at her and casting Eldritch blast, Stumbleduck casting eldritch blast as well and Nameless using his Robe of Stars, she soon fell to the ground and did not move. She was the only cultist that had been wearing a mask. Mason took it off of her. She looked normal enough under it. The city guard showed up soon after and questioned the group about what had happened. They took everyone’s name and tagged the cult mask and told everyone that if they would be needed, they would be summoned. And then they were sent on their way.

They went back Castle Waterdeep and visited Prince Alagarthas about being attacked by members of the Dragon Cult. As far as they could tell, this was the first attack carried out in the open. They all found in strange that only one member wore a mask. They had another meal with the Prince, then retired to their rooms to rest for the journey to the ruins the next morning.

They traveled the entire day following the road and the map given to them by Reid. They finally left the main road and followed it until it was nothing more than a deer path. Then they saw old flagstones making up an ancient road and off in the distance on a small hill stood a stone tower with several stone building at its base.