Recap January 18, 2019

They made their way down the trail, first finding a trip wire to a trap they could not figure out. Then setting off a poison dart trap but otherwise they were able to make it to the entrance of the stone building before. Then they were jumped by martial artist hobgoblins. They took care of them quickly but one did manage to run off.


They slowly made their way into the stone structure checking for trap as they went. Turning a corner they saw more hobgoblins behind over turned tables readying to throw javelins at whoever came around the corner. Nameless cast Fireball and took out most of the hobgoblins. The rest of the group took care of the few remaining badly burned hobgoblins. They noticed some writing on the walls as they amde their away to the other side of the room.


I swear the Delian Oath. To serve law, battle chaos, and keep the Delian lore secret.

They came around another corner avoiding another trap. The corridor opened up into a large room with several columns in lines down the middle of the room. The walls of this room are made of finely crafted pale grey stone. Small niches line the walls, each dedicated to a paladin of the Delian Order. At the far end of the room stands a beautifully crafted statue of what they believe is the founder of the order. At the foot of the statue is a crude iron cage. Inside the cage they see 6 or so dead bodies and a young teenage boy crying. Filling up the room were the chants coming from more hobgoblins including a priest/caster. The hobgoblins did not notice the group at first, so they moved in for the attack. They focused on the caster but their magic was not effective on him. Suddenly a an even larger hobgoblin appeared from the shadows and joined the fight. The lesser hobgoblins fell quickly with the priest and larger hobgoblin finally being defeated.



They checked on the boy in the cage. He was a mess and could barely talk. He imprinted on Thalaniel, grabbing hold of him and staying by his side as the group searched the room. On the base of the statue they found a phrase:

“To keep this, you must first give it to me.”

They thought about this for awhile. Suddenly Stumbleduck spoke “Is it my word?”

They first heard then they saw a secret passage open up showing a staircase leading down into darkness. The smell of ancient air escaped. Stumbleduck was curious to see what was down there. Several of the group wondered if this is where the cache of items was kept.

The room was dark but Stumbleduck could make out a sword in the middle of the room. As he moved toward the sword he saw 5 crypts spread out around the room. He could tell he was on holy ground. Suddenly in his head he heard:

“Have you come to play? Brought friends I see”

Everyone in the room then heard in the heads “Time for play.” Thoravil cast light on a crossbow and fired it into the room. It landed and filled the area with light to show a creature from nightmares, a mind flayer…No. An undead mind flayer. The creature moves his hand with a twist and the light filled the room showing three undead beholders in the 3 other corners of the room.

The boy they had rescued fainted. Thalaniel carried him outside of the tomb and came back in and prepared to attack. When he was fully inside the room the secret door shut. They were locked in with 4 deadly undead creatures.

nasty behold